Chapter 4: Staying

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My screams were muffled by the hand over my mouth. I jerked and twisted, trying to break away. How did it come to this?

 There were two people on me. One was covering my mouth and the other was helping them pull me to the van and looking around to make sure there were no witnesses. That’s all I could gather though. Their nondescript black clothes told me nothing else. They could be members of a famous boy band or an invader from another planet for all I knew. Even my surrounding made no sense to me. Everything was a shattered, blurred, disoriented mess around me. Logic said that I was by the arcade, by people. But fear and the shadows told me in a louder voice that it was only the three of us in the world. That there was no help coming and that I was my only salvation.

 I remember wishing around that time that if their was a single angel in the universe, that they would come and rescue me.

 “Oi, you might want to let her go.” The people who held me froze and turned to the voice.

 It was Kris. His eyes were no longer cold. They were like molten lava, practically dripping with fury. He walked toward them with confidence in each step. The people who held me pulled knifes out of their pockets to threaten him, but he just smiled.

“I’m over here.” He stopped three yards away and opened up his arms, taunting them with a clear shot. “Those are useless.”

One of the people threw their knife at him but he dodged it easily. The other one was smarter, unfortunately. They put their knife to my throat.

A bit of Kris’s cockyness left him. He watched them sharply and stilled. The metal against my throat was cold in sharp contrast to my warm skin. Adrenalin pumped through me and I darted my eyes around, looking for something, anything that could help me.

My eyes kept landing on Kris.

“Now that you understand where we’re coming from,” The person holding the knife to my throat spoke. It was a woman. Her voice was tough with and sweet undertone that made me feel sick. “I want to listen to me very carefully. Keep backing away from us, go round that corner, and leave. Don’t tell anyone about this and you might your girlfriend back in one piece. If you go to the police, well,” Her voice began to sound sickeningly amused. “I’ve always wanted to cut hair. I never was very good at it though. I always miss the hair.” The flat of the blade was pressed against my neck and a terrified moan leaked out of me.

Kris looked me in the eye. If he was trying to tell me something, I couldn’t understand him. He kept backing away from us, eyes never once leaving my own, and turned around the corner.

He left me.

My tears were falling quickly, steadily like a rainstorm. My knees quaked beneath me. I tried to scream but it came out as a pathetic sob.

All of a sudden, my captors lurched forward. Something had hit them from behind. I crained my neck to see what had happened.

It was Kris. He had ripped away one of my assaulters and they began to fight. I saw Kris throw a punch at them only to get kicked in the shin. The other swore and began to shove me into the van, blocking most of my view with their body. With only one person on me, there was no one to cover my mouth.

“Kris!” With a final blow to the assaulter's head, effectively knocking him out, he turned to my voice.

But he was too late. The back door to the van was slammed shut.

“Quick! Drive!” The car suddenly lunged forward and I fell to the floor. The rough carpet rubbed harshly against my cheek.

“Holy shit. What was with that guy? I’ve never seen anything like that.” The driver said.

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