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*journel entry .. rmm i dont know.. my head has been blurry due to the fall and i feel like  im being watched... what is this chanting.... i feel.. at full strengh  due to it but.. i feel.. odd woozy but.. i think the

voices has ended.... nyx and azura.. there  auras has gone faint and im going back to hideing but.. i since a third energy it feels familer it feels like i dont know its been awhile since i  talk to him.. i might

end this entry here and lay down.. beru out* he goes to fall asleep as from a far a cloaked figure would

look at em resting*as a orange fox with markings of the sun on his cheeks*carrying a large two handed blade * soo it is true...  i thought my dreams where messing with me.. so im not

 the only one  thats been saved by the darkness....  *he lets out a breather and gazes apon two wedding rings* around his neck with a chain thats when he scans the are a before walking up and l

eans on a wall*   hours pass beru goes to get up and wince*h hello??    ...hey..*as the figure would go

to walk inside* berus eyes widen for a moment causeing em to move back* w wait y you..*he puts a

finger to his own lips*shh not now.. we need to talk and fast  umm okay about what... simple what the heck.. happen to the pack.. i i dont know i last thing i remember was shade ript out of me.. *the

figure raised a eye brow and nods*i see come on*he gets up and begins to walk*as beru puts up

his journel*  sir umm...dont call me sir.. brother.. call me*he whispers out a name and begins

walking foward* beru  confused feeling like years have gone by.. as he walks up  with em* where

gonna have to begin your training soon    training for what;;*the figure sighs*the training to save the pack.. duh!!*groans and keeps going*

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