My eyes snap open and all I see is darkness. I look at the clock next to me to see its 2:49 am. Ugh I still can't get the image out of my head when Pez saw the scars. It pains me. See thats all I do...cause pain. I turn to the side and look at the ground next to the bed too see Harry sleeping peacfully wishing I can sleep like that. I sit up and give my eyes and quick rub and head to the bathroom. Turning on the light was like shining sunlight on a vampire...blinding. Once i regained my vision correctly I look at myself in the mirror and counted every flaw. Not just my face my body... My hips were too wide, nose, too big, eyes too far apart, legs too lengthy...just the nomal insercurities. Sometimes I wish i was perfect like everyother girl. Especially Gemma. Sometimes I think i have a weird obsession over her but shes the only person who showed me affection after my mother died. I shake my head of these thoughts and go and turn on the shower. Showers help me sleep better.

I undress and step into the steaming shower and let my body relax. I even close my eyes and enjoy the hot water hitting my skin. My favorite part is when I breath in and it's all warm air letting the steam flow through your system. It relaxes me. It makes me feel-

*knock knock*

"um jess are you in there?" dammit harry!

i quickly turned off the shower and stumbled to get my towel but fell on the floor wet and tired. ouch.

"Jess?! Are you okay?!" I hear Harry say as he trys turning the handle.

"no no no! Im naked!' I panic quickly getting up and wrapping a towel around me. I quickly walk to the door opening to see a confused Harry.

"erm yah know its 5 more hours till morning" he said like i was stupid.

"I know i couldnt sleep and usually warm showers help" I admit and he just smiled

:I know the feeling, except i make tea and mix it with warm honey. Yah know i can make some now if you'd like?" Harry offered

"Nah im good. im tired now" I say going in the room laying back down on the bed.


OKAY I IZ BACK. well ive been grounded and lazy for the longest time but im gonna try. I have new ideas for this story. Im also starting a larry one so maybe you can check it out! sorry for this being SUPER short but i felt bad for not writing in forever thanks for being patient

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