Your Future

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What ever happened in the past is now gone don't ever look back from the past.

It will lurk, hide and haunt you in your shadows for the rest of your life, it will know all the dark secrets you are hiding from every one and it will use your dark secrets and past against you to see you suffer in pain...

But you are a strong person, you might not know it but you are stronger then your past life.

What you have to do is look for your future cause it is bright.
Yes indeed it is, it might not seem like it but every one has a bright future.

Some might be brighter then others, but every one has a bright future.
No one may notice it, but it is there.

Yes you might think that fate and future are not helping you, but no one has a perfect life in this world begin or end with.

Every one has to suffer one way or another.
Some have to suffer more then others but keep following your future.

It may come the day you are born or it may come on your last day on earth.
It could happen when you need it the most or when don't need it at all.

In the end you will have your head held high and smile because your fate and future was glowing bright, but now its even brighter then before.


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