She makes me smile

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•to my best friend•

•thank you•


It was a normal day. Not too sunshiny, but not too cloudy either. The perfect weather. Did I mention it was the first day of school? Yep.. that pretty much ruined the vibe didn't it. You can just picture a beautiful sky and your hair going through the breeze.... ahhhh.. SCRATCH THAT! Now you just picture a beautiful day like that, but then you see yourself in front of a school. That was my morning.

"I love you honey! Have a great day! Remember to make lots of friends and.. try to cheer up. I know it's hard for you, but you can do it. New school. New year"

"Bringing Daddy into this conversation doesn't help anything mom."

She gave a disappointed face and I left for the doors of the school.

The words "New School. New Year." rang in my ear. I pinched my ear and opened the doors. It smelt like a school. Not like that is important. I continued walking into the cafeteria where before care students are supposed to meet.

I saw 4 people standing there by the door ready to greet whatever student comes in.

"HI! I'm Pete, this is Kyle, Diane, and Jessica. We're the before care staff!"

I tried to force a smile and introduced myself.

"I'm Adrianna, Adrianna Evans."

"Nice to meet you! We have crafts out or you can sit at any table and just do your thing!"


I noticed a whole bunch of people walk by. Only then to figure out it was just Teachers and Janitors and what-not. But then, I saw this girl, trying to make her way through the crowd of staff. She had her brownish-black hair pulled back into a pony tail with little fly-always sticking out on the top. She wore purple glasses and a dinosaur shirt that said "I'm a dinosaur so like, rawr and stuff". Long black leggings and bear-paw boots. She smiled at me and I tried to smile back. I must've looked like a drunk bird or something because she chuckled a bit. She got the whole welcome talk and put her backpack beside her. She slide down the bench and crashed into me a bit. She had a huge smile on her face and her brown eyes twinkled in the reflection of the lights above.

"HI! I'm Antae Mon! What's your name!?"

"My name? Oh uh.. it's Adrianna. Adrianna Evans."

"Nice to meet you. Let's be friends."

My heart skipped a beat and I almost passed out. A girl I just met wanted to be MY friend.

~It is now our 3rd year of being friends. I will never forget that moment. She makes me laugh. She makes me cry. She makes me angry. She makes me happy. But most of all.. She makes me smile~

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