Present time

I was sitting in a sofa next to the window looking at people outside. They all looked so happy and carefree. I was jealous. Of all the people who got married to who they wanted. I was in this mansion for the past six weeks with no one to talk to except the house staff. And they were scared of me. I felt like a bird trapped in a cage. I was anxious. This house looks a lot like the one I lived in before I came here. It is intimidating. A big, scary, glass house. My dear husband Mark Jepsen isn't home at all. Only time we spend together is an hour per day during dinner time. We never spoke to each other since our first night as a married couple. He made it clear what he wants and expects of me. This is an arranged marriage after all and not some crazy romantic story. I took a deep breath. I am bored to death. For the past six weeks all I did were some social events, charity dinners and interviews. Mark was currently on a business trip in Europe. I don't know where, with whom or any details. Just basic information. I let him run the company all by himself but I am still in possession of the half of everything and remained president of the board in our company. He was supposed to come home tomorrow but than he called Eva, our main maid that he won't be back until Friday. Thank God. I don't feel comfortable around him anyway. I heard my phone ringing. Anna.


"Oh, Lena, thank God. I need you. Now!"

She sounded scared and excited at the same time.

"What is it?" I asked insecure.

"You know, it's my birthday. Saturday. Remember?"

"Of course I remember" I said gently.

I hated this time of the year. Anna's birthday. Few days a year she turns into a bossy, unsupportable psycho.

"I'm planning on making a party at Montenegro" she said excited.

Montenegro was a hotel which was held by her parents, along with Vivo and Pearl.

"Okay. So?"

"Well I was hoping you could help me with organization and picking out a dress" she said pleading.

I won't! I hate helping her around anything. My helping experiences are really ugly. Usually we fight and she chooses exactly the opposite from what I tell her to choose. I'm useless.

"Pretty please, Lena" she squeaked in the phone and I removed it to regain my sense to hear.

"Okay. When?" I asked irritated.

"How about 2 p.m?"


"No. Next week. God, Lena, get a grip."

"Why don't you just do it by yourself?" I asked offended.

"I'm sorry" she said meekly.

"Where am I supposed to meet you?"

"I don't know. Sax?"

"I'll see you."

I hung up the phone and started going through my closet. I took a short black dress with laced sleeves and a pair of red heels. I took a shower and got dressed. Leaving this house is going to do me good. It was a beautiful day in July. I greeted Eva and walked out. Fresh air was perfect. I walked up to my Mercedes and took off. After half an hour I pulled over in front of Sax. It was an "IN" place where creme de la creme could be found. Rich and famous only. I sat at a table and waited for Anna. Several men were looking at me but I was ignoring their drooling faces. Disgusting. Anna came and sit across the table. We both ordered coffee.

"Dear, I have to say, you look beautiful" she stated, her usual optimism on.

I shook my head.

"No, really, you do. Stop being so modest" she reached her hand across the table and hit me on the shoulder. I let out a sigh and shook my head again.

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