How a thug changed me ( A mindless behavior story )

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La'Nelle POV:                                             Cresanto and I are in his mustang driving to school, he's been my best friend for  years, I just don't wanna mess with that right now. As we get our the car he's been a gentleman like always. Every time he does that i think to myself wow, if I get a boyfriend I hope he is just like cresanto.                                                            "Hey Lanelle, are u gonna get out?       staring in his sexy brown eyes I couldn't help but smile, and good thing he smiled back. "hey cresanto, she said when she walked over and gave him a peck on the cheek. (I never liked that THOT. she a stupid hoe and a, bitch. I'll tell u later wat happened. "hey bitch Wassup, I said. "Come on lanelle, why you gotta call shanae a bitch", Cresanto said. "Aww Cresanto you stuck up for me, said Shanae.

Cresanto POV: man I hate that biotch shanae she won't leave me the fuck alone. I want La'Nelle to whoop that ass one day.     

Shanae POV: what in the fuck is a POV anyway. my boo than cresanto. is so fine I don't want him with that bitch La'Nelle. she's so ghetto. that's why I get more cum then her. aka sperm.                        "Come on we gotta go to class" Bye bitch I said to shanae. "Bye. she said in a RATCHET way like always. One day I'm a throw a couple sharkeishas on that bitch i said in my mind.                                                     Cresanto POV: man La'Nelle is so damn pretty everyday she always have that pretty girl swag in her. She make me feel special and and I don't wanna ruin our friendship,  she to much to let go. I definitely don't want to tell her I'm a drug dealer. she hates people like that. she thinks they don't have a life.                              La'Nelle POV : I always knew that cresanto was a drug dealer. But at least he still in school or myself and his momma would've been mad. I hope he don't lose his life over this shit. I care too much about him for that to happen.

Cresanto POV : La'Nelle is soo perfect she ain't got no flaws she's pretty, talented, and not a drug dealer for example and she will never be one. I loved her since we first met and that ain't no joke.                                                        After school..........                                                                "do you wanna go to lunch, La'Nelle??"  "No , sorry don't have time."  "oh ok, we'll bye see you later."

Cresanto POV : does she not want to talk to me because I stuck up for shanae I hope not, I'll txt her. hey how come u don't want to go to dinner with me damn she responded fast. I already told u. I don't have time, and I kinda don't wanna be around u  I heard stuff bout u. "what,!" I texted back so fast. wat uhear? I heard that u banged shanae. Wat the hell. so not true meet me at the cafe in 20. ok see see u there cresanto.                                                 La'Nelle POV : I hope he brought that skank shanae cause I'm fight her i swear. I HOPE SHE KNOW HOW TO SWING.    Shanae POV : I hope he brings La'Nelle to the cafe I'm a fight her oh she don't know I have hands bruh oh I swear. As I walked in the cafe I saw shanae and cresanto kissin!!my future husband is kissing a hooker. "excuse me, am I interrupting. they looked at me as I rolled my eyes. I'm leaving, as I walked out the Door shanae grabbed my hair.and turned around and bopped that bitch she fell the the ground and I punched her in face she was asleep I got up and turned arouna rounded and saw cresanto shocked. "Come over later I said biting my lip and he smiled. Cresanto POV : oh yes. I'm bout to get it in with La'Nelle I love her a lot I don't want to lose her. As I was lighting candles,I heard a knock on the door. I checked my outfit in the mirror. wow. These shorts look sexy. they will be easy to pull off. "coming!" as I opened the door I kissed him he picked me up and wrapped my legs around him and we went in my room. He gently put me on the bed and took off my shorts and I went in my drawer and got protection.  He put it on and u know what happened. I went from kissin to no clothes, to groans, everything a normal teen would do when they have sex. When I woke up up I felt kissin in my neck. The niggah almost got popped but then I remember what happened Last night.                                                  The Next Day. hello? "hey its summer I just met this cute boy named ray ray. and he is fffiiinnnneee." "hahaha ,i said laughing.  "call ray and ask him if u he Wants to go to dinner with us tonight. "YAY! ! such a good idea. I'm a I'm a call him right now bye"    " Alright bye"                                        La'Nelle POV :  summer is a little bit  think ghetto and not at all regular. she's funny she's almost my height. she's black, duh. she's skinny (not thick like myslef), she goes to my school, she a light skin, and she go to church (preach! ! ), and She my homie. and she says she is shaped like a coke cola bottle a hah, (17)



ima add more right now I am bout to fight shanae again the bitch is talking shit. if u talkin shit I said singing. and she rolled her eyes. "I will smack ur eyes to the back of ur head and they can roll back there so I dont see.  everyone busted out laughing, she got mad and pushed (well tried) and I didnt even move I laughed hahahahah u weak bitch. Then I turned around and she grabbed my hair like last time.  good thing we were in front of the cafe'   I turned around but she was still holding my hair and I hit that bitch in the gut and smack her and she fell holding her face and I slapped her again and  she got up and punched me. I shook it off and upper cutted that bitch and everyone was surprised in awe. she was on the ground and was crying and I screamed and said "stop acting tough cause u keep getting your ass beat." fuck u , she said back. I turn and said. bishh wat and I raised a brow at her. "u  heard me". "so ur telling me u want it 2 times huh boo?!"  she shook her head and flinched cause I wss bout to punch her but I didn't, I didn't want to kill the bitch I said in my mind.  is she jealous or nahh?   

SO later that night cresanto and I decided to celebrate since I beat her up.  we had u know.  As soon as we walked in we took a shower together. which was nice cause his whole body was nice expecially his abs. One day im just gonna rub his abs out of no where and see wat he does hahahah.

As we got out we started kissin, but we decided to wait because we wanna watch some tv. after we watched bad girls Club and watched football. we started to make out. then ee put on dive in by trey songz, that song is good for right now. after making out he started to take off my shurt thrn ge took off his shirt he took of my pants you know, so our clothes.

            La'Nelle POV : omg this far in the story and I haven't told u bout myself I'm 17  my boyfriend is roc royal aka Cresanto. I love him so much I wanna have babies but not to soon if you know what I mean, hahahah im a freak. anyway back to the story.

                               Cresanto POV : hey its team light skin hahah lol jk, im 18 im La'Nelle boyfriend YASSS! hahah im funny I got hands and lanelle does to for real for real, I never want to mess it up with La'Nelle she my one and only anyway we bout to dive in whoahoha how ever trey does it.          After our POVS I started grinding on him he groaned then we rolled over and he was putting his man hood in me I said his name so loud there was a knock on the door I put my clothes on and look to see my neighbor. he said yall is screaming, scratchin, yelling,  now this neighbor knows his name he said singing the pointed at Chresanto and we was rollin! This niggah we said at the same time again  abd we was rolling and I closed the door and we decided to go to sleep . ghudd night bae he said kissin me, nught bae I love u so much I said kissin him for 2 minutes and we were knocked the hell out. I woke up next to Cresanto, and I had to throw up so I ran in the bathroom and I guess I woke up Cresanto cause he came in and held my hair. Once I got out I went to go get clothes to take a shower, I didn't have the  door locked and he came  really quietly and pulled open the shower curtain open it was so cold I started screaming and he laughed. Can I join he said running the back of his neck. Yes babe I said and closed the curtain, I peeked out and he  whispered yes! super loud I laughed. Once ge got in he wrapped his arms around me, I moved his arms and looked at him, he was like is you mad, I shook my head and we kissed for the whole shower time, and we washed each other, it was soooo romantic, I was cheesing from eat to fucking ear and he blushed. "AWWW, my baby blused,"I said in a baby voice and squeezed his cheeks."No, no, no, no. Chersanto doesnt blush, I aint on that gay shit. I laughed and playfully rolled my eyes. he laughed with me .

                LANELLES THOUGHTS:

nan, im so happy im with chersanto, every time we kiss I tingle there is a spark vetween us 》》》》》 next day《

wake up we r goin to the mall I told chresanto. "ugh ion wanna"  "Niggah get yo ass up or you gon get left" I said. "fine you lucky I love you♡♡" he said. I, looked at him with with lust in his eyes he bit his lips,"well lets, fst dressed I said as I playfully smacked  his thigh. "stop with the teasing" he said. 》》at the mall》 "LETS GO TO FOREVER 21!!" no, he whined, let's go to  foot locker" he said. "Ard"  wen we walked in the store,  I got some bred 11's aquas anx the pink ones whatever those are called. (btw I♡PINK!!) roc got some black and white bred 11's and the aqua. (ah dont think me boo gay. you understand) ok, have a nice day :) "hey boo, lsts go go bj's  I said. "Ard, lets go."


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