Chapter 21: Homecoming-Part 1

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Here's another update for you guys, I split the chapter into 2 parts because it was reallly long. I'm so so sorry for the wait, but here it is..



As time went by, Niall's and I relationship grew. We were getting closer, mentally and physically. Everything between us was comfortable now. There were no awkward moments between us. It was just like old times. Niall and Alison, except we were a bit more physical now. Our relationship was perfect right now. I believe we were in what they call "the honeymoon phase".

I was always happy. It was like everything in the world wanted me to be happy. It seemed like days were a bit brighter. I guess it was just me, but either way it was great. Morgan was still bitter about the whole situation. She occasionally would glare at me in the halls but I'd just turn away. Nothing would rain on my parade. I'd make sure of it.

Homecoming week was coming up and that had me excited. I loved homecoming week. My school always went full out with the dress up days. This year the days were fun. They were very interesting. Monday was nerds vs preps, Tuesday was gender bender, Wednesday was backwards day, Thursday was character day, and Friday was senior citizen day. Only the seniors were allowed to participate on that one.

This was just a week of dressing up, very fun. Seeing as this was my last year being able to participate in this, I wanted to go all out. On Monday, I went full Blair Waldor. I had a white long sleeved button down shirt and bow tie, tucked into a navy blue skirt. I had navy blue knee high socks on and was wearing my white flats. My hair curled down, topped with a yellow head bad. 

Niall on the other hand had gone all geeky on me. He had on a light blue button down with a nice bow tie at the top. He had a grey and blue striped cardigan on buttoned almost all the way to the top. He had his chinos on his hair was styled down. To top off the whole look he had nonprescription "nerd glasses" on. I had to admit he didn't look all that bad. 

Tuesday was quiet the laugh though. I dressed myself as Niall. I had borrowed a couple of things from him. If I do say myself, I think I handled that day pretty well. On Wednesday I wore an entire outfit backwards and even went through the trouble of making a mask of my face to wear facing the facing of me. On Thursday, I came as a Barbie doll and Niall came as Jesus. It was hilarious. 

Friday was probably the funnest day of the week. Every senior had looked like they aged a bunch of years. Walking around with their canes or walkers, some even went the extra mile and were in wheelchairs. The school had allowed them to go on the elevators to get to class it was awesome. I had my hair all up in rollers and was wearing my mom bath robe. 

I couldn't have asked for a better homecoming week. It was truly one I'd remember for a while, maybe even forever. I was glad that it was over though because the homecoming game was this weekend. It was an away game so a lot of seniors were going to go out and stay at the same hotel as the team. I honestly couldn't wait for it. 

This would be my first weekend on my own. I already made my room reservations and everything. I would be staying with Ashley and Amanda. It was set. The best thing, well I wouldn't say best but it definitely added to the excitement of being on my own, was that the homecoming dance was going to be out there too! 

It was actually in the same hotel, which made my life a whole lot easier. It wasn't that far either so those who didn't come to the game didn't have to worry about making the dance or not. I already had my bags packed and ready to go. We were heading out on Friday. We were actually going to skip school that day because we didn't want to have to rush over to the hotel.

Amanda and Ashley were already here so we were just waiting on Niall and Harry. The girls were nice enough to give them a ride to the hotel. It was about a forty five minute drive, so it wouldn't be that bad. When the boys arrived, we got everything in the car and began our journey to one hell of a weekend. It was Ashley driving and Amanda in the passenger seat.

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