Victorias POV:

I walked down the busy streets of London with my best friend, Gabriella, carrying our bags of clothes from our shopping spree. We couldn't help but laugh at the cute little girl who stopped in the middle of the walk way to show off her dance movies.

"Where should we shop next Vicky?" Gabriella asked looking down the street. I smiled noticing she used my nickname my parents gave me that soon rubbed off on her.

I spotted a Starbucks right next to us. I was craving a latte right now.

"Starbucks!" I exclaimed dragging Gabriella into the little cafe. Not allowing her to respond. The smell of fresh brewing coffee filled my nose.

She sighed but I just ignored her knowing that she desperately wanted a vanilla cappuccino.

As we stood in line, I decided to mess with my long, wavy blonde hair that rested normally on my back. Just like most blondes, I had bright blue eyes except mine had a hint of gray. My shirt was a plain white t-shirt that hugged me in all the right placed, a pair of pure black skinny jeans, a light pink cardigan and a scarf the matched the cardigan. I added a casual pair of white shoes and finished it with a chain necklace.

As for Gabriella, she had her long ginger hair in a messy bun that rested on the top of her head. Her piercing green eyes were breathtaking. She wore a loose black shirt with a green cardigan and scarf, making her eyes stand out even more. Her ripped jeans and plain black slip ons adding to the outfit, but finishing it off with a dark shade of red lipstick.

She was absolutely stunning. 'Why couldn't I be like her?' I constantly asked myself wishing that someday I would just wake up in the morning looking as gorgeous as her.

Trances in my thoughts, I seemed to bump into a blonde headed guy, who was actually quite cute. He had on a casual black cap and ray bands, not allowing me to look at his full features. I feel like I've seen him before like on magazines or on the television? He looked like a famous star people talk about all the time but I knew I was just over reacting.

"Oh I am so sorry!" I said as embarrassment overcame me as some of his coffee spilled on his black shirt. That's clumsy me for ya..

"It's alright love." he chuckled. I couldn't tell if he was looking at me or not. "I'm Niall" he smiled showing is teeth and sticking his hand out for me to shake. His name sounds so familiar.

"Hi Niall. I'm Victoria." I said all of a sudden blushing. Why was I blushing? No stop.. Okay. He's just a really cute guy.. That's all.

"Well, I'd better get going. Hopefully I'll see you around, Victoria." He smiled waving goodbye. I just smiled in return.

"Ooo Victoria" Gabriella giggled as she winked at me and poking my sides.

"Shut up Gabby!" I said trying not to smile.

Finally, we approached the counter.

"Hello! What would you like today?" A female worker asked me. Her name was Ella by what her worker id said.

"Hi! I would like a vanilla frappe and a caramel latte please." I said with a fake smile. She handed me my change and we walked slowly out of Starbucks into the cool air once again.

Niall's POV:

I signed my name on a sheet for a fan as a I was handed my coffee. There's nothing better than a hot cup of coffee on a cool day.

"Thank you.." I said searching for her name on her uniform "Ella." I finished with a fake smile.

Oddly, my coffee was surprisingly full, I thought to myself. I passed by many of people hoping I wouldn't get recognized when a girl bumped into me, causing a little bit of my coffee to splatter onto my black T-shirt.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" She said her American accent coming out. Her cheeks flushed to a full red. How adorable, I thought.

It's alright love." I said with a little laugh. Her eyes searched for mine. "I'm Niall" I said as I held out my hand for her to shake with a large, friendly grin.

"Hi Niall." She said nervously. "I'm Victoria." I could hear the nervousness in her voice as she shook my hand. A small smile was placed on her lips. Did she know that I was famous? She wasn't acting like most fans who would start screaming so maybe not?

I wanted to stay a little longer, but then I remembered that I had to meet the boys at the studio soon.

"Well, I'd better get going." I stated with a fake smile. "Hopefully I'll see you around, Victoria." She just smiled in return.

As I was heading to the door I could hear someone playfully teasing her. "Ooo Victoria!" I turned my head slightly to see the girl I just met talking to her friend.

I walked down the crowned streets drinking my hot coffee. "Victoria.." I mumbled to myself with the hugest grin. "What a beautiful name.." I trailed off, my cheeks starting to flush. 'What?' I thought to myself. 'Why am I blushing?'

I was knocked out of my thoughts by my phone buzzing in my jean pockets. I pulled it reading the collar ID, Harry.

"Hey!" I said after accepting the call and placing it to my ear.

"Hey mate! Where are you? We started recording 10 minutes ago!" The worry in his voice was present.

"Shit.." I said just loud enough for him to hear. "I will be there in a couple of minutes. I'm just down the road." I said hanging up.

" I threw my empty coffee cup into a nearby trash can. I began jogging to the studio.

I entered the building feeling the warm air rush over my body causing goosebumps to form on my arms.

I pressed the elevator button waiting for the doors to open. Once it did, I clicked on the 5 to get to the top floor. I had to tell the guys about the girl I met at Starbucks not long ago.

My smile soon faded once I realized I never got her number or knew anything about her other than her name. I hit the wall of the elevator as it came to a stop. When will I see her again?


Authors note:

Yes, I know this isn't necessarily a second part, but some people on twitter were asking me to do Niall's POV for meeting Victoria and his feelings, so I just did that.

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