I'm Am not a bad BFF!

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hey! my name is Brianna Bowser ,I go to Wave Middleton Middle School , I am so pretty , I have light brown Eyes, light brown hair, I'm not fat!!!!.My BFFs are Katy Reay, she has blue eyes, yellow hair ,she is kinda fat, and lily Southern , has dark black eyes, kinda dark red hair,  she is not that fat. sooo Let me tell How this whole thing stated, Katy texted me

Katy : u like my pink dress or

I might wear it tomorrow

Brianna: it looks good on you

so , I then texted lily

Brianna: did Katy ask is you like her pink dress?

lily: Yea I said no

Brianna: I said yes , but that dress is so Ugly, it's so  make her look fat

lily: then why you say yes???!!!

Brianna : to make her feel good!!!!!

lily: GTG

Brianna: don't tell!!!!

Brianna: hello?

and then lily total Katy

they say I'm a bad friend , but I'm not!!!

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