Chapter 6

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Life after death

Chapter Six, Agnes,

I woke to my alarm it was 5 AM I grabbed my stuff and headed to the shower. I turned on the water and stepped in. The water was pure and felt amazing on my skin. Then I stepped out and was reminded again I had wings and they were soaked. So I started to dry them with my towel but it messed my feathers up so I found a blow dryer and dried them with it. Then I got into my skinny jeans, my T and my jean jacket plus my high healed boots. Then I dried my hair a little with the towel and then I put heat protection in my hair and blow dried it. Then I put on some of my pink colored lip gloss and I was all set. So I went and got my bag and went down stares and ate breakfast with Lily, Winnie, Kate and colt and then we all went out and got in Winnie's car. She was sixteen and she was the oldest, colt and I are both fifteen and Kate is fourteen. So when we got to school every one was buzzing about me being the new kid and how I was still aloud to ride with Winnie and didn't have to take the bus. I felt like everyone was staring but I decided to act like I didn't notice. Then I walked with Winnie and the gang into the school and then separated to find my locker and when I was looking at the piece of paper with my locker number on it I bumped into a guy who was doing the same thing. So we both apologized at the same time and then helped pick up each other's stuff. Then I finally looked up at him and he's, he's the guy from my dreams and he happened to look up at me the same time I looked at him and he had about the same expression.

I said,"you your the, the guy I, I saw you in my dreams." And then I realized how that sounded but he seamed to understand.

He said," um I saw you too."

I looked socked,"really?"

He answered,"ya." And then lade down a picture of me on the floor. " this is you right?"

I answered," um ya." I paused, "what's your name?"

He said,"I'm August."

My jaw dropped and then I took off my bracelet and set it on the picture. Then he looked shocked and placed on the picture a neckless that looked similar to my bracelet.

He asked,"what's your name?"

I answered,"Agnes."

He looked at me for a second and then he picked up his picture and neckless and handed me my bracelet.

He said,"I'll see you around Agnes."

And then he left. I found my locker near by and then I got my books and headed for class.


I had just got my stuff out of my locker and was headed to class. When I got there I took a seat in the back. I secretly wanted to be invisible but I don't think that's a possibility. Then a boy and a girl that looked oddly familiar walked in and took seats near by. Then it hit me, they're the ones from my dreams. Then the teacher started class. When she did she called on me to answer a question that I kind of missed. So I told her, "sorry I don't know." She looked disappointed then she nodded and continued class. I then slipped into a daze.


I was sitting next to August and the teacher called on a girl named Rory. I wonder if she's the one from the bracelet. Now that I have a better look at her she's kind of familiar, but why?

Then the bell rang and we were dismissed to are next class.

When I got there I sat next to that girl named Rory and also August.

August smirked at me and said,"you wanna hang out sometime?"

I hesitated, "yeah, how about we get together tonight and study?"

Rory speaks up, "may I join? I have been struggling a little bit so far."

I smiled at her and said,"of course."

Then August asks, "how about my house?" "Sure, that sounds good." I agree.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time skip

That night,

We all met at August's house. He had an all white house that was three stories high. And then there was a woods near by that caught my eye. I love the woods it's my favorite place in the hole wide world. I mean, there's green all around and no body there to bother you. It's peaceful, and I love it.

When we entered we were greeted by his mom who seamed really exited to see he had already made friends and it's only the first day.

Then we went up to his room and started on are homework.

I asked, "can we go out to the woods after were done?"

August looks up at me and smiles, "sure, sounds like fun." Then we go back to doing are home work.


I was racing threw the woods. I was ducking under tree limbs and racing threw meadows. I was ducking and hiding behind trees. Someone was out here lurking in the shadows, and they weren't here to hold hands and dance around the camp fire. I had gotten separated from Rory and August,

I was alone.

I was brought back to this terrifying reality by the sound of a twig braking under someone's foot in the distance.

I couldn't move, they were to close. They'd see me. I was holding my breath hoping they wouldn't find me. Then I heard another snap of a twig from even closer. Then someone had grabbed a hold of me and covered my mouth. I was in full on panic mode. He had me, what did he want? Was he going to kill me? Wait, I think if he wanted to do that he's a little late. I squirmed to get away. When I realized it was August. I calmed down immediately. He then removed his hand and Rory came from the other side of the tree. We then heard another snap of a twig fare off in the distance.


I took off into the green terrain at top speed, scared of what was to come. We had come to a clearing. We were in so deep into the forest that we might not ever find are way back.

What if we don't make it out?


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