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I woke up to the mournful silence vibrating throughout the empty space of the house. The moon shone through the window of my room, reflecting off the shiny wooden surface of the floor. The moon's reflection made the silent atmosphere in the house much more discomforting than it had already been.

I threw off the blankets that were suffocating me, my body burning and slightly sweating from being tightly covered up. I sat up, only too fast, for a head rush swept through my vision, my neck cracking painfully from my abrupt action. My muscles were sore from what had happened hours ago, the pain only very slight now than it had been earlier. But the pounding earthquake against the temples of my head caused me to clutch my head in frustration.

The silence that lingered heavily in the room caused me to act and get up from my bed. The migraine had now grown worse, but I ignored it, sluggishly approaching the window which the moon was shining and illuminating through.

A beautiful and bright full moon hung amongst the starry sky, the biggest I've ever seen it. It shone dominant above the earth, almost as if you stare long enough at it you would be easily sucked in to its mysictical spell and bound by its beauty. But that moon was the cause of the uncomforting silence in my house.

Usually I would hear Klaus or Elijah up and about downstairs, doing whatsoever to keep their already occupied minds occupied. I would also sometimes hear them chat, with their soft voices luring me back into deep sleep. And if they were here in my house right now, which they're supposed to, even if they would be acting quiet, I would still be able to sense their presence from downstairs. Especially Klaus'. But seriously, where were they?

I rushed silently to my bedroom door, opening it just a crack, slightly leaning my head outside the door to check if I was being played with. The silence was overwhelming, and if I were to make or utter a single sound, I would be afraid that my disturbance would cause a more silent chaos.

Deciding to go against my will to be silent, I ran down the still unfamiliar hallway of my house, stopping at the top of the staircase. All the lights were off, the only light in the house came from the wide awake moon. I breathed in a deep breath, in attempt to calm my rapidly beating heart beat down, which unexpectedly sped up. Was it because I was frightened? No, I'm not frightened. I can take care of myself.

Creeping my way down the steps, I froze at the end of the staircase, feeling a woosh of cool air hit me. I glanced to the side, seeing that the front door was wide open.

Right then, I felt my heart rate pick up to an unhealthy racing beat. No one was in here. If they were, I would easily sense their presence. Unless it was Silas.. But hadn't Klaus told me that he had gotten rid of him for a few days?

Regardless of the door being wide open, I approached it, concluding that it had been left open when either Klaus or Elijah left the house. Reaching the open door, I closed it, stepping foot outside. The slightly chilly wind hit my bare skin. I looked down at myself, seeing that I was in the same clothes as before.

Why am I outside? What am I looking for?

I looked up at the moon, which was hiding behind the trees surrounding me, casting shadows everywhere. The atmosphere even felt more weird outside, as if there was something stalking the woods..

I decided to step back in my house, the shadows cast by the moon giving me the chills. Sprinting back up the stairs and into my room, I found my phone helplessly laying on the floor. Picking it up, I looked for any missed calls or messages.

None, of course. I barely use this phone anyway.

I would have decided to call Elijah, only if I had had his number in my phone. Nevertheless, I scrolled through my contacts, freezing when I spotted his name in my contact. Not caring at all at that moment of how it got there, I was too freaked out of being left by myself that I dialed him.

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