The instant I regained consciousness, I knew I was in a nightmare.

It was dark, but I could see everything as clear as day. I was in the same part of the woods that surrounded my late parents' house.

A dark, cloaked figure roamed through the trees, and I found myself following it. It seemed to have no awareness of my presence as it continued its heavy stroll. When it had made its third circle around my house, I realized it was trying to make itself familiar with the area, which alarmed me even more.

The gloomy figure made a sudden left, the vision before my eyes dissolving into a dimly lit storage room.

If I wasn't mistaken, this was the back room to Olive's Bar and Grill.

The same cloaked figure in the first vision was bent over Marcel's unconscious body, the creature's hand placed over Marcel's head.

After a few silent moments he pulled away, rising slowly to his feet.

I choked back a cry when he peeled back his black hood, my hands flying to my mouth.

This creature wore Marcel's face, matching every detail perfectly.

I looked between the real, unconscious Marcel who was tied up on the ground, and this creature. Shape shifter.


He walked right through me, a small smile playing on his lips.

And when I turned around, I watched as Marcel took a seat next to the brown haired, green eyed human who grinned when he saw who he thought was his friend take a seat next to him.

I couldn't hold back the tears as I witnessed this interaction before my eyes, just now realizing how right Marcel was when he promised he never killed Jason.

What destroyed me even more was that I was forced to watch this till the very end - to the moment Silas had murdered Jason in the form of his closest and dearest friend.


I woke up to mournful silence permeating my empty room. The setting sun casted rays of pink, orange, and yellow light through my window, adding a little more life to the dull white walls.

I threw off the blankets that were suffocating me, my body burning and covered in sweat from being wrapped up so snug. The pounding earthquake against my skull caused me to clutch my head in frustration.

I forced myself up to my feet, making my way to my bedroom door before it suddenly swung open to reveal a startled Marcel.

I was instantly overcome with guilt and sadness as I looked into his wise brown eyes. I wanted to tell him that I knew the truth, that I believed him for not killing Jason, when it was that monster this whole time. All this shame filled me with so much emotion, feeling regret at all the pain I know I must have put him through.

But there was a far more alarming look in his eyes that led me to stray against that topic.

"You look like you've seen a ghost."

"I need to get you out of here. Now."

He grabbed my hand, ignoring the sweat on my palms as he dragged me down the steps. Marcel had such long legs and took long strides that I was practically sprinting at his side. We exited through the back door, Marcel not looking back as we walked straight into the dense trees.

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