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*P.S. Guys this is a story mixed with a little bit of One Direction the 5 Seconds of Summer. Hope that's alright with you, and if you don't like the idea then I please recommend you to stop reading at this point. Thank you :)*


My name is Emily. You can say I'm new to this whole thing. New school, new everything. Today is my first day and I'm terrified. Sure, this may seem like your average everyday story about how a girl goes to school, she's a new girl and the popular guy falls for her and they have babies and live happily ever after. But is this story just like the average school romance? Or will it be different? I don't know myself so I can't answer those questions for you, but you will soon find out. That I can promise you.

So you to get to know me a bit more, name is Emily Kydd. I recently moved in Brighton, which is in the United Kingdom a couple of years back. But I was originally born in Colorado, which is in the United States. I loved Colorado but it got kind of boring there, also because of an incident when I was 14, my mom got transferred to England, which was specifically in Brighton.

Speaking of my incident, my dad died when I was 14. He died of lung cancer, I think he deserved it since he smoked such harsh cigarettes and pipes and all that rubbish, even though we put him on pills to make him stop and took him to rehab. It never stopped.

But enough of all this blab about me. I think you've heard enough in one sitting, and you will learn more as you read about my high school life.


Hope you like the first little introduction piece to the story!

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