Chapter III


        "Oh, a banjo-strummin' softie? Unbelievable." Peter says with a curl of his lip. I hear people snicker as I approach the ledge. I sort of shove Peter aside and step onto the ledge, planting my feet firmly on it. The dark hole stares back up at me, ready to swallow me up into its pit of darkness. My heart begins thumping hard and without thinking, I jump. A spark of adrenaline overwhelms me and I smile. I tense up as the ground rapidly expands beneath me. The hole swallows me up and my body slams into a net that bounces me up and down. I look up to see the heads of the faction leaders observing me over the wall above me once I rest in the net.

        I was the first jumper; an Amity was the first jumper for Dauntless. The net cradles me, but also makes my muscles ache with it's sturdy ropes. I hear low whispers. Two hands grip my arms and a girl pulls me onto solid ground. Her eyes are a predominant golden brown with glints of green around the pupil; inexorable. Her blonde hair resembles mine. She's only a few centimeters taller than me. Her lip twitches whilst her eyes widen as she identifies which faction I originated from.

        "What's your name?" She asks, raising her perfectly threaded eyebrows.

        "Serenity." I answer more determined than ever.

        "First jumper Serenity!" She shouts to the now visible Dauntless members whom applaud at my success.  Being first jumper must be an honor around here. "Welcome to Dauntless," She smirks at me. My eyes find a tattoo of three birds flying towards her collarbone. It's the only feature besides her spunky attitude that really signifies she's a true Dauntless. She personifies as an Abnegation in my perspective, but that might be due to me having just dropped like twenty feet.

        I stand off to the side and watch my sister's figure plop onto the net. She joins me at my side and gives me a 'that was amazing' look. Katherine's screams gradually increase as they travel with her plummeting body that bounces upon the net. She changes her name to Kat, which I think suits her better.

        After each initiate has finally entered the compound, the blonde girl whom pulled me out of the net and a young man approach the line of us 13 initiates.

        I gape at the young man's broad muscles that are perfectly structured around his tight-fitted shirt. His hard expression interests me so much that I cannot help but wonder what lies beneath his mask; what dark secrets lie underneath the Dauntless armour. The way him and the girl fit beside each other like puzzle pieces hints that they're together. Lucky her, I think.

        "Initiates welcome, my name is Four and to my left is Tris. We'll be your instructors for your initiation." The young man known as Four announces in a monotone voice.

        "Did he not like 1-3 or something?" I whisper to Kat and she giggles, but quickly silences as Four shoots her an icy stare. I try with all my might not to crack a smile.

        "Something funny, Erudite?" Four asks, cocking his head to the right a bit.

        "No, sir." She answers too quickly and edges towards me as if I'll be her shield.

        "Dauntless-born initiates are with Four, transfers follow me," Tris states, leading us towards a dank foyer that possess a musty scent.

        The air is so thick that I nearly release a rattling cough. The lack of light and eerie stony hallways don't surprise me at all. I mean their headquarters is underground. We approach a railing that allows us to witness the underground cavern brimful with faction members.

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