Elisha Grahn

"Score. My photos are no longer on his page." I informed Elle and Tiff as I closed my laptop.

"Wasn't it obvious? You were kinda harsh to him." Elle says while she was texting on the phone.

"Oh, please! He got what he deserved. That stupid face of a munchkin, I just wanna rip his head off." I was still angry at Ryan.

"Calm down, he did what you said, what else do you want?" Tiff murmured. She was scanning a magazine.

"Him dead. He is such a nosy bastard." I grit my teeth. I got off my bed and look out my window. My garden could be seen from there. I smiled as a small butterfly flew across the dandelions my mother planted.

"You are so complicated." Elle snickered.

"I am not. People just can't understand me." I get back on the bed. Tiff yawns and stretch herself.

"Sleepy head, save your sleepiness for the night. It is only 4:00 pm." I commented. Tiff faked a sarcastic laugh.

"Yeah, but I am so tired.. Maybe, I can sleep a bit." Tiff yawned again. She looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Don't you give me that face. We have a lot to talk about. You show up at school after fourteen days and now you wanna sleep? I'm not letting you do that." I cross my hands over my chest.

"Well, actually they are seventeen days but whatever you say." Tiff said as she pulled out her cell phone.

"OH MY GOSH!" We both looked at Elle who kept staring at her phone.

"OH MY GOSH!" She said again.

"What?" Tiff asked. I went nearer to Elle.

"You won't believe it." Elle squeaked.

"What is it?????" I asked impatiently.

"We are invited to his PARTY." She squeaked again.

"Who's party??? and why is it so important?" Tiff who was clearly disappointed asked.

"Nick Jabber invited us, Elisha." Elle jumped as she broke the news. Tiffany also screamed with joy. I fell completely silent.

"Wait.. wait... wait.. what? Nick invited you guys???" I didn't see Elsie who stood in the doorway.

"What are you doing in my room? Get out!" I yell as I ran towards her.

"Hmm! High School's most popular girl don't know how to treat her younger sister properly, Interesting." She smirked. I so hated her.

"Yeah! your huge crush Nick Jabber invited us to the party. Oops, he didn't invite you? Oh! So sad." I faked a sad face. Elsie looked at me with hate.

"Uh.. umm.. I go to his school, silly, you don't. I am positive he has invited me. Lemme check my phone." Elsie was hesitant at first but then she smiled and pulled out her phone from her pocket. She flipped it open and read her text messages. I could see her disappointment easily.

"You go to his school but you are not so cool. You're not even included in the popular group. Being popular has its own charms." Tiff said from behind me. We both high fived each other.

"Don't be so sad yet, Els.. Maybe, he forgot to give you an invitation. Just ask your friends if he has invited them, they can invite you." Elle had to ruin the happy moment. She was always so kind and loving and I just can't bare it.

"Well, that's good news. At least, one of you has a heart." Elsie said and walked away.

"Ignore her, she's crazy." I waved my hand in annoyance. I turned to Elle with a mean glare.

"So.. what will we wear? Any idea?" Tiff asked rummaging through my closet. I laughed.

"We'll wear clothes and very trendy clothes." I reply as I motion Tiff to move backwards. Then, I pushed all my clothes hung on a side. There was a door which I unlocked by the key I always put in my pocket. I motioned them to come in. They were used to it so as soon as they entered, they began to check out every clothe.

"Are these new?" Elle asked while holding a pair pink high heeled boots. I smiled, she loved boots.

"Yes, Mom sent them to me on Monday. My butler said that she asked me to wear them quite often because they have an all casual plus trendy look. The fact that she don't know is that I hate boots." I shrug and began to check out a black strapless dress.

"Oh My God! I will totally wear them. Can I have them? Please, say yes. Say yes." Elle screams so loud that I had to cover my ears.

"Alright. Alright. You can have them. Don't make me deaf." I rub my temple. Her screams gave me a headache.

"Is this a dream? Ahhhhhhh! OMaaaAaGaaawwd! Oh Me oh me oh my... I love you...." Elle screams again. Seriously, I think she's crazy. Tiff and I look at each other helplessly and laugh.

"Elle is so happy." I look at Elle confusingly because now she was referring herself as a third person.

"Is Elle crazy?" I played along.

"No, silly, Elle loves boots." She replied. I just shake my head while smiling. My friend is crazy.

"OH YEAH? How much? Enough to make us go deaf?" I ask.

"Oops, I am sorry." She smiles and put on the boot to check the size.

I am sure we'll rock that party.


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