Chapter 30

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"Perfect." Damon repeated, as he pulled Layla out of Rick's embrace, and laid her flat onto the bed.

"Now, it's our turn to make you feel good."

The low huskiness in Damon's voice sent an involuntary shiver running through her, as she laid back and looked at Damon, wondering what he meant by his statement.

They always made her feel good. Whether it was the butterflies that fluttered around in her tummy when they were with her, or the way they'd stare at her, or the way they'd tell her she was beautiful to them. Especially when they told her they loved her, and when they kissed her.

She always felt special when she was with them, so what did Damon mean exactly?

Staring deep into Layla's beautiful brown eyes, eyes that were looking up at him with such innocence and trust, that trust that made Damon impatient and just want to make love to her over and over again, until both of them collapsed in exhaustion, Damon forced himself to take a deep breath. He couldn't go too fast. Layla's first night had to be special, and it had to be done by all four of them.

Each one of them was going to give Layla a new experience, and each one of them would make tonight the most special night for Layla. Even though he was so hard, that he was in pain, he was willing to hold back.

Layla's welfare, and her pleasure, always came first.

Damon leaned forward, his whole body hovering over her body and his breath blowing onto her face, as he supported himself on his elbows.

Searching her face, he could see that Layla was nervous, and confused. Probably wondering what he was going to do with her.

From what he'd learned from her, she had been forced to watch porn by her ex, whom he still wanted to kill by the way. But no matter how much porn anyone watched, , the mindless fucking the people in the videos did was nothing, compared to the pleasure that the act of making love with the people you loved you would experience.

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