chapter eleven

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We made our way through the school slowly considering we were both new to this place but when we made it to the front of the school I noticed Vic, Mike, Jaime, Tony and Mae standing by a bush. It looked like Jaime and Mae were yelling at the rest of them over something pretty serious because Mae's eyeliner was smeared down her face. Maybe she had been crying?

"A-Austin.. M-may we go check on Mae? She looks like she's been crying.." I tugged on Austin's sweatshirt gently. He nodded and we went over by them.

"WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT? THAT'S ALL I WANT TO KNOW YOU DICK!" Mae screamed at Vic who had a smug look on his face.

"You know it's true. It's so ovbious you don't like him anyways" Vic sneered.

"H-hey now, what's going on?" I interuppted and everyone stopped to look at me. Austin folded his arms across his chest and I felt him huff with annoyance.

"I-it's nothing Ethan, go home" Jaime said quietly to me. His eyes were clouded with concern but he quickly turned his attention back to Mae. Mike and Tony simply glanced at Austin and I before slowly walking away.

"We'll be at Tony's house guys.." Mike sadly mumbled.

"Ethan." Austin suddenly spoke up "Let's go. This is none of our business for now" He pulled on my backpack gently turning me around and I looked up at him with confusion

"B-but Mae is-"

"Let's go." Austin ordered.

What could I do anyways to help? All I would do is make things ten times worse.

Sighing quietly I nodded and walked away from the group with Austin right behind me. He walked a little quicker so he was in front of me and directed me towards the back of the school. Once we were behind the school we crossed the empty street and began our walk to his home.

The neighborhood he lived in didn't seem quite friendly. Maybe it was the dirty cars with bricks instead of wheels parked in driveways full of weeds and toys. The faint smell of gasoline, dirt and sweat drifted in my face and I held my breath quickly.

"I know, it smells pretty bad. Don't worry it'll pass soon" Austin glanced at me from behind with a smirk then turned down a street labeled as Walnut Avenue. Typical name for a typical street. Except this wasn't your average street.

Children were running back and forth the street screaming their lungs out with squirt guns. Most of them were dripping wet but they didn't seem to mind it. As soon as I was about to ask Austin about all the children he stopped in front of an apartment building.

"We're here" He smiled nervously taking out a set of keys, walking up to the steel door. I noticed bullet holes on the left side but I kept my mouth shut.

"W-watch your step. There's a brick as soon as you walk in" Austin shoved a silver key into the lock and with a push, the door flung open.

"I-i would've never guessed you w-would live here.." I said quietly as I went inside with him. He chuckled a little bit and moved the brick to hold the door open before heading up a flight of stairs.

"I know.. pretty ghetto right?" He stopped half way up the stairs, waiting for me. I followed him, watching my step as I went up, and shrugged a little bit.

"I guess" I mumbled

"Don't worry, my apartment is clean I promise." he reassured and continued up the steps until we were standing in a long brown hallway.

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