- The Parable of the Rich and Lazaro

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We know that there was a rich man who was clothed in purple and fine linen and silver . He was tall and stocky as it seemed many men . An effect that seemed to diminish over the years, even living it , every day , getting better with more and more splendid regalia and pleasures . It was such a theatrical nature that raised him the nickname hypocrite ! The word means false or faked comes from Greek hypocrites , designating , in ancient Greece, theater actors , as during the presentations they pretended to be other people . Just like that ' poor ' autodominado man. The man made ​​sure to live up to the origin of the word and the action was applied to interpret a play .

For another , there were also certain beggar named Lazarus , who lay at his gate rich man. Weak and old he had no more strength to help those for whom both took food. Full of sores the dogs came and licked their wounds , while the sun marked her eyes . sores the dogs came and licked their wounds , while the sun marked her eyes.

This poor man did not wish to be like the rich , or sit next to your table . Do not be a coveted magis . He knew nothing , and could least of all ! However , desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's table : the conductor . The Latino representation italianus maximum: the conductor of the orchestra . That orchestra? Life , duh ! The scintillating and ruthless conceptual manifestation of what is on the existential matter. About the tangible and its severity. The same gravity that subjugated the crumbs that fall to the ground and were thrown to the dogs . But how far was Lazaro these crumbs ? Distance . Distance - from the Latin dis (separate ) + stare ( be ) , that is, which are separated two points : Lazaro and crumbs . The two sharps . The rest ! Yes , that could not be thrown into the trash that Lazaro did not touch him , even before dawn . Ah yes, the dawn! The dawn came and serene now accompanied at all. Even the rich and the Lazaro . Both were amorphous : The miserable guy and generous, rich and poor , impatient and conformed . Yes , both were amorphous : The Greek without - and morphe , form . No way. But what would be the greatest form of absence ? The space in the stomach Lazaro , or the space in the heart of Rico ? Rico . Wealth . Gold. Imagine gold and diamonds !

Diamond : the word "diamond " comes from the Greek adamas , which means invincible : an appropriate qualification for hardest substance existing on our planet : the heart Rico . The mineral composed of pure carbon formed deep in the earth : his greed , his heart ! This is subject to high pressures and temperatures : a lack of empathy measured by all its carats ! Have gold and gold ... From Latin - aurum , gold , rooted in " aur " , pre -Roman word now designates the precious metal 's decision Rico . The Latin grammarian Sextus Pompeius Festus , who lived in the first century , since records the popular form " orum " practiced by officials of the Roman Empire in their provinces : the extent of the ultimate Rico . No matter who was in another language: Spanish is the gold oro , which is for the French or , following what in Italian is pray . No matter ! Word is a word . But . But on the other hand, the feeling of Lazaro and can be set if the moodiness reaches directly to the stomach . Its name comes from the Greek stomachari , sulk !


Cold hands of Lazarus were trembling and cold, his pale, wrinkled face burned from the cold. And that same day, rising noon, halfway through the day after the night, the rich sat down to lunch. 

- Yeah Pour me another day. For distant as two points are the paths of time and its adornment I serve myself. Rejoice, ye yourselves, men of great charity to me because all things are thrown and nothing is lost - said the wealthy, just before quench their hunger. Physiologically and anthropologically: why, how, this might not be the last word, but the point is that given by. For osmosis! Greek Osmos, momentum and Ose, state. His last, his first state. Your big boost to eat and eat without acting one. No acting tomorrow. Only eat. Eat well! 

Finished lunch. 

- Take that away and give to dogs.

- Lord , I can take these remains to the beggar Lazarus , He p... ?

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