Swimming Pools and Movies

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Brooke's POV

Ryder and I were waiting for Darren to come over so we could go swimming at the Lynch's house. I got a text from Darren.

D-Running late, just go over there. I'll be there in a hour:)

"Darren said to just go over there he'll be here in about a hour", I told Ryder. Ryder spent the night last night, and we are currently sitting on the couch watching Girl Code in our swimsuits. I was wearing a bright yellow bandeau bikini top and my bottoms were hot pink; it was really bright. Ryder wore dark purple trunks. Ryder got up and put his shirt on and grabbed a towel with some extra shorts. I was already wearing white short shorts. I didn't feel like putting on a shirt. I grabbed my towel with extra clothes. Ryder and I walked next door to the Lynch's house. I knocked on the door, and instantly Riker answers the door in blue swim trunks and no shirt. Rocky runs up behind him in green trunks with no shirt on as well. Let's just say I was staring hard core, but that's okay because they were staring too.

"Come in my lovely", Riker said extending out his hand. I blushed and took it. "and Ryder", he added. I laughed as Ryder walked in.

"Let me escort you to the pool", Rocky said. I linked my arm with his and we walked to the pool. Ryder cleared his throat.

"Riker aren't you going to escort me?", Ryder said. I laughed. Ryder jumped into Riker's arms so Riker was carrying Ryder bridal style. I laughed so hard I fell to the ground. Rocky picked me up bridal style and ran me to the pool. Riker slowly but surely brought Ryder to the pool and threw him in. Rocky set me down and slowly slid his arm off my waist. Ross was looking at me. He was wearing hot pink trunks. I waved hi to him. He just smirked and took his shirt off slowly. I couldn't help but stare at his abs. He looked at me and smirked a sexy smirk again. I took off my shorts revealing my hot pink bottoms. Ross just stared. I shot him an evil smirk, and he blushed. I giggled and walked over to him. I could feel his eyes were locked on my body.

"Ross can I tell you a secret?", I whispered seductively. He nodded with his eyes wide. "come closer", I whispered again. His face was right next to mine. I pushed him in the pool. Every one broke out into laughter.

"I actually got that on film", Rydel yelled. That made me laugh harder. Then I got pushed into the pool. Whoever did that will pay. I resurfaced and saw Ryder laughing. I got out of the pool and ran after him. We were on the grass and I jumped on top of him. We both fell to the ground. I was on his stomach straddling him. I was trying to tickle him.

"Help!!", he screamed. I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and lift me up. I was punching the persons arms trying to get them to let me go.

"Let me go!", I yelled. "Ryder will pay!". The person carried me into the house. He put me down. I turned around to have my face inches away from Ross'. I was still breathing heavy. His hands were still on my waist. My hands were on his chest. He looked down at my lips and back up to my eyes; I looked down at his. He started closing his eyes and leaning in.

"Hey guys I'm here!", Darren yelled. Ross and I jumped away from each other. Ross was blushing.

"Hey Darren", Ross said. He had disappointment in his eyes.

Ross' POV

"Hey Darren", I said a little disappointed, because Brooke and I were inches away from kissing. If Darren would've waited three or ten more minutes to barge in; Brooke would be wrapped around my finger. She will be mine. I'm the one that pulled Brooke off of Ryder because I was jealous. She was straddling him in her bikini. We spent the next three hours swimming and messing around.

"Hey you guys want to order pizza and watch a movie?", Ryland asked. It was getting dark.

"Sure", we all said. Everyone walked inside. Brooke was drying off as I walked to get my towel. Should I make my move?

"Hey did you have fun?", I asked. STUPID!!!!

"Yeah, do you have a free bathroom so I can change?", she asked.

"We'll see", I grabbed her hand and all the bathrooms were taken. "You could go in my room, if you want", I said still holding her hand. She nodded I led her to my room. She let go of my hand, and I closed the door. I was waiting outside the door; a few minutes later she came out in her white short shorts and a light blue tank top. "You look nice", I said. She blushed; did I make her blush? SCORE!

"Thanks where's Rydel?", she asked. I pointed to her room. Brooke walked down the hall to Rydel's room. Let's just say I was staring, at least no one saw me. After I got changed into my pajama pants without a shirt of course; Brooke came out of Rydel's room with her hair in a side fishtail braid. She looked beautiful. We all went down stairs and sat on the couch to watch a movie. We decided to watch Iron Man 2. Brooke sat next to Riker; I sat on the other side of Brooke. In the middle of the movie I notice Riker is sitting closer to Brooke, and he's staring at her. Does Riker like Brooke?? Then Riker puts his arm around her. He wasn't touching her, but I knew what he was trying to do. I need to make my move and fast. The movie was finally over; it was around midnight.

"Hey, Monday you guys should come hear us at Get Shaved. We have a big surprise", Brooke said. What could the surprise be.

"What's the surprise?", Riker asked scooting even closer to Brooke. He needs to back off.

"Can't say but it'll be epic", she said.

"Okay we'll be there", Rocky said.

"We better get going", Darren said.

"Kay, see you Monday", Rydel said. Riker got up and ran after Brooke. What does he think he's doing. I heard Riker whispering but I couldn't tell what he was saying. He said bye and close the door.

"Dude!", I yelled at him.

"What!", he yelled back laughing.

"Brooke is mine so back off", I told him.

"Woah, I didn't know we were calling dibs", he said holding his hands up. "yeah, Brooke is cute and funny, but she digs you".

"Yeah you better-", I yelled. "wait what", I said realizing what he just said.

"Brooke likes you", he said. I was shocked . How did he know this.

"How do you know?", I asked.

"I can tell she likes you", he said. "it's completely obvious you like her; she always smiles when she looks at you". Wow, she likes me, I think. A smile spread across my face, and I just walked upstairs to my room. I didn't say a word. I can't believe she could like me.


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