chapter 1 love at first sight

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June 11, 2014 the day we met he was there with his friends. I was there with my girls talking about last nights party at Jay's house.The drinks was banging,drinks were everywhere.Oh we all are 17&20 years old.So we are shopping for eggs,cake mix, and milk.

When I happen to go to the make-up aisle.He dropped his shades and phone.I help pick them up for him,he said "thank u", I said " your welcome". He asked for my name I said Jazmin, I asked for his.He said Darrin.he asked me do I wanna hang out. I said sure tomorrow at 7:30. We can go to Apple,bee's. Ok got to go now bye.

Jaz who that fine boy you talking to!?. Oh that's Darrin, I think he might be my new bf. LOL! For real for real girl hr might be. Daisey&Aquaniqu what y'all think. Pam gave her opinion. Both say " yea they do make a good couple. Thank y'all, let's go and make this birthday cake for Jack.

3 hours later. Happy birthday Jac-Jac we lovvvvveeeeeee youuuuuu and ma gone have money for u when u get home

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