Chapter 5:Is there a solution-Coutinue

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Yessica pov

Once our last bell rang I walked right out of that math class and jumped into the car.When I got home I texted Idalia a couple times but no answer.(On of the things that bugs me the most is not answering your phone). A couple minutes later Valerie texted me she wanted to know if I had told my parents about the Magcon tour. I quickly lead out a gasp and ran towards the kitchen where my mom was cooking diner.

"Mom you know the Magcon boys right well there coming here and I was wondering if I could go."

Before she could say anything I paused her and added "me and the girls will raise the money ourselves."

She gave me a disbelive look and responded "well if you guys will raise the money than okay."

I quickly started jumping and screaming. At the same time I knew my mon thought we weren't going to raise that money but I was determine to prove her wrong.

I texted Valerie and she said her parents agreed too. I was the happies person on Earth right now.

Matts pov

We hoped on the plane  and everyone quickly feel asleep except me. It was 9:00am and we had a five hour flight to Las Vegas. I managed to fall asleep after 30 minutes of just sitting there.

Carters pov

I woke up to the sound of the lady giving out snacks. I sat next to Matt and to my suprise he was asleep. I ordered some orange juice which I regret because it taste awful.

I checked the time it was 10:00am four more hours to go I thought to myselve.

Valerie pov

I was so excited all of the girls were allowed to go. Then I realized we needed to come up with something to sell. Alijah though selling cookies would earn money and it was a great idea but we needed something more. I thought to myselve for a second and then noticed that Idalia hadn't replied to any of my massages all day. Where was she?

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