9 - Memory's back ( Pg 1 )

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9 - Memory's back

'Like a puzzle solve,

the memories line up revealing a darkness..

But just like I watched once,

I wouldn't give my memories to anyone again..

Because they made me,

who I am today'


Sam's POV

I woke up again on a hospital bed. With a broken ankle, a wound on my thigh, cut behind me and few othe scratches.

I was in a different room since the last one was covered with bullets.

I didn't know how I came here though my body was aching.

And Adrian was again sleeping on the couch peacefully. So I didn't have a heart to wake him up and ask what happened yesterday.

I just laid there on my bed thinking. Now what am I going to say to dad? I looked like a painting.

I sighed loudly and turned to the side. But it wasn't working.

And the door opened revealing the two people important to my life.

Alex and Misha put their heads inside looking like sneaky cats.

I couldn't help but laugh at them. So I sat down on the bed grinning at them.

"Sammy... hey we thought you were asleep. We just came to see if you were okay." Alex waved her hand a bit hesitatingly.

" Come inside genius. Let me see you." I scowled mockingly.

" You remember? Sammy..." Both of them straightened up and looked at me with wide eyes. They were shining in happiness, wonder and love.

That's what I lost with the memory loss that day. Knowing about love and affection. What wouldn't I do for them?

I opened my arms for them and both of them ran to me and hugged me joyfully.

I hugged both of my sisters tightly as the tears rolled down my eyes.

" I miss you two. I'm glad you escaped that day." I whispered happily.

Alex pulled back and looked in to my eyes. "Without you nothing wouldn't matter, Sam. Thank god you're alive. We thought..." She choked on her words as me and Misha soothed her.

" Look at you. You're glowing my dear. You got here as you promised." I grinned with tearful eyes.

Misha wiped away my tears softly and squeezed my hand.

" I love you Sammy. And that's all we could do for you since we thought you were gone. Damn we even made a reminder for you." She shook her head in between a sob and smile.

" And we can change it. Never feel guilt for that. I made you run away. And I was glad you ran away." I patted her face softly.

" But you never would do such a thing. You would shove us first and take the back. You would take a shot." Alex denied.

"You would too."

"No. We wouldn't have because you already would have done that." She mumbled.

I shook my head smiling. "That's because I'm older. I love you two so much to never lose you." I squeezed both their hands and they nodded in defeat.

"You okay? I didn't notice and scratches or the bandaged ankle before." Misha gave me a curious glance.

"It's nothing. So tell me how was your life?" I sat there with them holding their hands.

" Oh! You know I finally went to a beach and wore a bikini. It was much fun. I swam far away." Misha gushed about her trip.

" I'm volenteered to an animal shelter. There are cute puppies. And Misha has no interest on them." Alex mock glared at her. And we talked about so much and laughed loudly after a long time.

"Please, keep that annoying voices down. I need my peace." Suddenly a husky voice grumbled making all of us still in panic.

We all turned to the guy sleeping on the couch and turning to sleep. So his beast finally settled.

"What is he doing in here?" Misha asked me frowning.

" He must have heard us. What we do?" Alex gave me a panic look.

" Yes I heard everything. Now get out." He grumbled again making both of them wince.

They turned to me asking for an explaination.

"Meet my boss girls. He knows what I am." I sighed pointing at him.

"What?" Both of them yelled making me wince too.

"Okay, I think you two should go now. I'll explain everything to you later. I'm getting tired." I laid back as they pouted at me.

"You're too rude. Let's go sis." Misha got up.

Alex pulled up my sheet tucked me. She caressed my hair away smiling softly.

"Thank you for not dying sister. Thank you for everything." She kissed my forehead.

"Love you both. Now go." I waved them away smiling.

Then I sighed in relief when the door closed behind them.

But I felt lonely. I needed something to get rid of the unwanted pain.

So I got up and climbed down the bed and hopped to Adrian.

He was on his back breathing peacefully.

Without thinking twice I climbed on him carefully and laid my head on his chest.

"You're heavy." He grumbled.

"Whatever. Shut up and sleep alpha boy." I smacked his chest.

"Tell me one thing not to push you down or throw you away." He groaned again.

"I was twelve when we escaped RO. Our fourth roommate died infront of us. She was always silent. And hyper. They did various tests on her. We never had names. Just code names. So we found ourselves names for us. But she never did.

One day she got it bad. There was so much blood. We screamed for help. But nobody came. She died in our arms. We couldn't do anything. The last thing she told us to run away. So we did.

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