Chapter 4

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*Jaces POV*

I had only closes my eyes for a minute, but i opened them only to see big brown eyes. I rest my head back a little farther and realize i'm looking at the cutest little girl i'd ever seen. Her blond hair frames her perfectly round face and little nose is almost touching mine. She looked very familiar but i couldn't but my finger on it to where i might remember her from. "Who are you?" She says in the most adorable little voice. I hesitate to answer when i hear a voice answer for me "Sky this is my friend Jace, Jace, this is my little sister Skylynn." Nash says as he walks over and sits on the couch next to us. He pulls her into his lap and places the first aid kit on the table. "I'm gonna help her because she got a booboo and she needs to get fixed up!" He says talking to her in a sweet voice. I couldn't help but smile when she yelled "YAAY DR.NASHY TO THE RESCUE!" He laughed a little "Why don't you go up to bed and ill be there to tuck you in in a little bit. "Okay, okay," she said but before she left she whispered in his ear "She's really really pretty," little did she know i could here her. "Yeah sky i know, she's beautiful." He replied to her whispering back in her ear. I could tell he tried to make it loud enough for my to hear because after he sent my a smile. I could help but blush, "Well thank you both, and it was a pleasure meeting you Skylynn!" I say as she runs up the stairs on all fours like a doggie. "YOU TOO JACE!" She yells when she gets to the top and disappears in her room with a few giggles.

"Well she is the cutest thing i've ever seen! Do you have any other siblings?" I ask as Nash opened the first aid kit and started setting up what he needed. "She's amazing isn't she, but yeah. I have and older brother Will, and a little bro Hayes. He should be around here some-" he gets cut off by the sound of a scream getting louder and louder. "NAAAAAASSSSSHHHHH! WHERE ARE MY UNDER-" he stops talking as soon as he sees us sitting on the couch. "Oh hello there," he says with a smile. He looks a little like Nash, he has the same bright blue eyes, but his hair is a little darker brown and flippy on his forehead. I laugh a little "I'm Jace, and i'm guessing your Hayes?" "The one and only," Nash says rolling his eyes. "You love me," says Hayes "Well hi Jace sorry I interrupted this, ill be going upstairs now," he said with his eyes still glued to us. He gave Nash a little wink which resulted in Nash flipping him off which i couldn't help but laugh at. He waved me goodbye and i waved back, Hayes was cute and he seemed like a fun little brother.

"Sorry about that." Nash said with his cheeks a little red. "It's fine," i said with a smile. He looked up and smiled back relieving the awkwardness. "So now that you've met some of my family, tell me about yours. How my siblings do you have?" "Oh well i only have one sister who's 18, her names Nichole." "Cool." He said as he applied peroxide to my cut. I was still wondering about the whole weed situation and i needed to ask him. "Nash, can i ask you a question?" "Sure," he replied with a grin. Now that i look at him in the light he's even more perfect then before. I break my glance "When i was in your can, i wasn't trying to snoop, but i found something," i couldn't get it out and it finally slipped "Are you a stoner?!" I ask and instantly cover my mouth trying not to laugh. He looks up at me wide eyed and bursts out laughing. "What?!" I ask in demand. "Are you crazy, thats my friends! I would never do that." I'm actually surprised at how mature he is. "Well good," i say with a smile. "I'm glad," he put a bandaid on my leg and sits back. "Vuela!" He says like he's just produced a masterpiece. "Very impressive," i say as i stroke my chin causing us both to laugh.

"Well now that you've asked me a question, am i allowed to ask you one too?" "Sure!" I reply, how bad could it be. He starts unsure but finishes concerned, "Well when we were in the car, and we passed that big truck..." I froze. I know the rest of what he was gonna say, and i didn't want to answer. No one knew the answer to that not Erin, not my old friends, only my sister and parents. I must have been dazed for a while because I could hear him saying "Jace? Hello?" "Yeah oh sorry," i reply shaking my head. "Did I say something wrong?" I could see the guilt in his eyes and i wanted to make him feel better. "No, no you're fine i just was day dreaming, yeah the reason i do that is cause i get car sick," I came up with a quick lie. I felt bad but i wasn't about to tell someone i barley know about my problems. No matter how sweet or attractive he was. "Oh, okay! I was just wondering," he says with a reassuring smile. I smile back and he grabs my hand leading me up the stairs. I could feel butterflies in my stomach from his touch. "Where are we going?" I ask suspiciously, "In here," he answers as he opens his door to a great big room with light red walls and dark carpet. "This is my room," he says as he leads me over to his plain but boyish comforter. "If your mom doesn't mind, you can stay the night if you want," he says with a smile. "Oh yeah that would be great if your moms okay with that," i say smiling back.

"You can take my bed, and ill sleep downstairs on the couch," he says as he tosses me a blanket. I'm lying in his bed, a complete strangers bed. Well not a stranger, but you know what i mean. I felt safe though, really safe. He was about to leave when i asked "Hey Nash," "Yeah?" "Can you stay with my for a little?" "Sure," he says as he sits down on the bed next to me in the dark room. I can hear the wind outside blowing against the window. The moonlight is shining on his adorable face. "You can come closer," i say to him. He inches over a little more closer. "Nash," i say giggling. "Okay, okay," he says laughing coming really close this time.

"Why did you offer to take me back to you house, you knew my cut wasn't that bad," i asked being serious for once. He looked around the room as if the answer was somewhere printed on the light red paint. He finally stopped looking and stared deep into my eyes. "Don't lie to me," i said to reassure him i could tell if he wasn't telling me the truth. He started slowly, "because if i didn't i know i'd never see you again, and if i'd never see you again, i probably couldn't live with that decision I would have made." The room became completely silent. My heart skipped a beat and i was too happy to even smile. He was leaning down closer and closer and i finally decided to reach up and grab his neck. I kissed his soft lips slowly, and then pulled away. It was perfect, like no other kiss ever before. We both sat back and smiled. "I think you're going to be really good for me Nash," i said as i closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.


So this chapter is probably one of my favorites and i'm really proud of it. I ship Nash and Jace so hard holy crap there gonna be AMAZING together. I hope I get more reads with this one thanks guys! (: (sorry if you think they are going too fast it just fit in the chapter i promise there relationship will go slower) (there not dating yet either so yeah!)

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