Based on 21 Jump Street, the old TV show not the movie.

Ryan's P.O.V

'Moore, the chef needs you in his office!' 

Last time I've heard that, was a year ago. My last assignment took a little longer than expected, so I've been away for a while. While I'm on a job, I usually don't contact the office. It can blow my cover and everybody here knows how I work. It depends on the job of course, when I'm undercover at a high school, it doesn't hurt to call. But when I'm undercover at a gang, I can get killed if I call.

I stand up and walk towards the chef's office. After knocking on the door, I walk in and lean against the wall. The chef smiles at me and holds up an file. I take it and quickly scan the text. It's an undercover job, as usual. This time a protection, the daughter of a powerful politician. Her name is Julia Benson, daughter of Craig Benson.

'You really enjoy getting rid off me, don't you?' I mumble.

'No, you're just the only one available. It's not my choice to sent you away and it never will be, but it's a part of the job. This will only take a few years and you can go to Stanford for free.'

'I don't have a choice, so bring it on.'

'From this moment, you are Christian Stone, age 19 and you'll be studying human rights. I thought that study is going to be easy for you, because of your education. More details are in the file, including your background story.' He tells me, while looking at the laptop in front of him.

'When do I start?' I ask.

'Tomorrow, make sure you shave and don't stand out. Look up what students usually wear, since you've been out for a while and the last time you were a normal teenager was five years ago.' 

'Anything else?' 

'No, that's it. Good luck, Moore.' 

'I don't need luck, you know that. I'll be updating you, every month I guess. If I don't forget.' 

After saying that, I walk out off the room and the hole building. A new assignment, so I need new clothes for this identity. Let's shop.


This was the prologue, just a little background information. I hope you like it and read the rest of the story! In the story, I'll be using two different names for Ryan. If he says his name, it's Christian, but in the beginning of every chapter it'll be Ryan's P.O.V...

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