After Amy got ready for bed she saw that she had 3 missed calls from Niall. H-hello? said Amy with a crack in her voice. Oh hey Said Niall with confidence. I saw you called me 3 times sorry I didn't pick up I was in the shower lol. Oh that's okay. But what did you wanting talk about? Well I was going say that I hope you don't think we are a thing me and you . Wait what? Well that was a one time  thing you cant come up to me at school or expect me to be your friend I mean I gave you a chance to be cool but you and Amber don't like each other and she's in our group so that's it I cant talk to you more no hard feelings but I got to go no .bye ....{click goes the phone} Amy burst into tears as she runs to Monica's house down the street. After she tells her every thing Monica tells the other girls what happened and they have a plan...             

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