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Hope Rogers' p.o.v

It's a wonderful sight on top of here. You could see all over New York. The skyscrapers, tons of people and taxis mixed with other cars. Sun was shining and even the traffic noises were somehow calming. Everything was just beautiful and I bet at night it would be gorgeous.

"It's a beautiful sight, isn't it?", Peter said making me snap out of my own thoughts.

"Yes, it is.", I whispered and went to the edge of the building and sat criss cross down.

"I always go up here when I need to fresh my mind. It helps me to forget all the things had happened lately. Like the death of my uncle a week ago which hit me hard. I had a tough week but at least the students stopped teasing me.", he told me and anger boilded inside of me. I felt heat rising in my corpse.

"I hate those people who did this to your uncle and my mother. They're so going to pay it. I will avenge it together with my.. with my... uhm.. my will and gut. But I swear I will get all the information out of the one who did this to my mother.", I said and my voice got louder.

Peter's eyes widened and I followed his eyes. I landed on my flaming hands. He stood up quickly and backed away from me. I stood up too and wanted to stop Peter.

"Woah, your hands are on fire!", he said still on believing what is happening and I started to shake off the fire but nothing happened.

"I might need a little help?", I questioned as I tried everything to stop the fire on my hands. Suddenly spiderwebs covered my hands, stopping the fire. My eyes grew wide and mouth hung open when I saw Peter doing that.

"You-you just...", I stuttered but he finished my sentence. "Yes, I did."

"You're that spider guy everybody is talking about on the internet.", I told him as I still stood there in a shocked manner.

"Yes I am Spiderman.", he said taking a few steps back. He didn't look to happy but why?

"What's wrong?", I asked him as I took the steps he made.

"I uh... I have to go.", he said and before I could stop him he jumped from the building and made his usual Spider thing.

I watched him swing from building to builiding untill I couldn't see him anymore. I let my head fall back and let out a fustrated breath out and screamed. I clenched my hands and closed my eyes tightly. I slid down the wall and hid my head in my knees. The wind refreshed my mind and the traffic of New York was kind of soothing.

Somehow I saw an image of my mother in labor with my father besides her. She was in pain, not a little. A lot of pain. She squizzed my father's hand who doesn't feel the pain but he was trying to calm her down. She let out a stiffled scream and both of my parents had tears in their eyes. A nurse brought a baby to my mother who held it as it were fragile. That baby, that's me. My mother handed the small me to my father who held me carefully.

"What should her name be?", my mom asked him as he sat besided my mother on the bed.

"Hope, her name should be Hope Rogers.", my father smiled as he patted my baby cheek.

"Why?", mom asked as she give me a small kiss on my forehead.

"Because I feel like we need Hope. Hope is something you should never lose. Without Hope you can never live a life. And somehow I feel like the world needs Hope. The word Hope and our daughter.", he said.

"Hope!", someone yelled next to me and I shot my eyes open and stummbled to the side untill I realized my father was who scared me.

"Why are you crying? And why are your hands covered in spider webs?", my father questioned as he helped me up.

"And how did you come up here without Jarvis noticing it.", Tony said who stood behind my father.

"Uhmm... I... ", I stuttered untill the red and blue guy in very tight clothes landed behind them.

"It's because I didn't look where I aimed.", Peter, or Spiderman said.

"Hey, look. It's Spidey!", Tony joked as he turned around.

"Why were you aiming at my daughter?", my father growled. And there it goes the protective father insitinct.

"As I already said. She was just refreshing her mind up here probably and then the clumsy me webbed her hands.", Peter lied.

"He's right. I saw him swinging from building to building and unfortunately I was in his way.", I tried to play along with Peter.

"I'm sorry.", he apologized and I forgave him.

"Okay, but how did you come up here.", Tony asked and my father gave him a glare.

"I took the stairs.", I answered and wiped away my tears.

"Yeah, probably I should start to put video cameras there.", Tony said mostly to himself.

"Could we have a father daughter talk?", dad asked to them.

"Sure, no problem.", the said in chorus but they stood still in their old places.

"Alone.", dad said and gave them both a concerned look.

"Yeah, I probably should go. Crimes are going on.", Peter says before he took off.

"That Spider kid goes on my nerves. We were here before him.", Tony growled before he went inside.

I walked to the edge of the building and took in the sight, my father next to me.

"What's wrong?", my father questioned as he leaned against the wall. I shook my head not wanting to tell him, besides. I don't even know what is wrong with me. I usually don't cry. Or even light a fire up in my own palms...

"Come on. I know I am not female but I can feel if someone is not feeling well.", he told me and I let out a small laugh.

"I-I don't know, honestly.", I told him the truth. He let out a small sigh before he spoke up.

"Is it because of the accident?" I shook my head.

"No, maybe a little. I still don't know what it is with me.", I said. I don't want him to know about the fire incident earlier with Peter. Otherwise they're making tests on me that I don't want to.

"Is it about your mother?", he asked and I could feel his heart breaking and me, I broke down. My father embrassed me in a hug where I cried into his shoulder.

"I remember things now. I closed my eyes and saw mom giving birth. We were one happy familly. And now. It's just you and me.", I sniffled and voice cracked.

"We were a happy familly for one year. I know it's hard to lose someone. But you can't rewind the time even though you wish you could somehow. But you need to move forward.", my father said and I pulled away from the hug. I looked him in the eyes in they were watery like he was going to cry sooner or later but he's holding it in.

"I know. It's like a hole in my heart. And it takes it's time to fill up that hole again.", I told him and started to walk inside.

"Why do I have a feeling like you have an idea?", my father said.

"Because I want to find mom.", I answered and opened the door.


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