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Pen Your Pride

Cathenna's POV

I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my door. I get up and open the door to see Tate waiting outside the door.
" Hey, what's up?" I asked
" Well the family's here they would like to meet you, so when your ready come join us downstairs." Tate told me and then he left

I'm guessing that he's going downstairs to eat dinner with the family. I went back inside my room, brushed my teeth and washed my face. I then looked in the vanity mirror at my appearance. I fixed my outfit because my skirt was uneven and the I put my hair in a braided crown. I glanced at my appearance once more before grabbing my phone and heading downstairs to meet the family.

As I try to find my way downstairs I never realized how beautiful the house is. The color of the walls are creme and the furniture is brown. Whoever did the interior decorating definitely had talent. There was about 4 bedrooms excluding the one I'm staying in. As I find the stairway I hear voices of people which I am guessing is Ana and Tate with their family.

As I walk down the stairs I see the living room with plates set, the front door open and I hear commotion coming from the kitchen. I decided to go to the kitchen see what's all the commotion's about. As I walk in I see a women in maybe in her thirty's with dark brown hair taking food out of the oven, I'm guessing that is Ana. Then I see a girl around my age with dark brown hair almost black sitting on the counter top and watching Ana pull out dinner from the stove. I walked into the kitchen and went to help Ana before she dropped the food.

"Thanks Hun" Ana told me
"Mom who is this" the girl asked who I am guessing is her daughter
"Eva, don't be rude this is my old friends daughter Cathenna from Greece she's going to be staying with us for a while" Ana replied
"Oh your the princess" Eva said while jumping of the counter and inspecting me like I was an alien
"Nice to meet you Eva, and Ana I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you letting me stay in your home" I told both of them
"It's a delight to have you, but since your here can you help me and Eva set the table"she asked me
"Sure I would love to help you" i said while I grabbed some of the food and started to put it on the table with Eva right behind me.

"Hey do you have to like walk with books on your head for like princess training" Eva asked me as we continued to set the table.
"No, but if did have to have a strap around my chair whenever I sat so my posture would be perfect." I replied while we were walking back to the kitchen to get more food.
"Oh did it bother you, if it were me I would found a way around it." She asked me
"Not really after a while I got used to it. Is there anyone else here not including you,Ana and Tate?" I asked
"Yea there's my older brother Logan that's outside bringing in bags with dad and then my younger sister Amelia."
"If Logan's older then you hoe old are you?" I asked while we are just finishing up setting the table
"Well I'm 16 Amelia's 15 and Logan's 17" she replied while we were on our to the kitchen to let Ana know that the table is set.

"Oh thank you girls now go help the boys with the bags" Ana said
"Mom we just set the table why do we have to help the boys there boys they can help themselves." she told Ana
I chuckled at that the way they are so carefree with one another makes me want to have that with my mother but she has her duties and so do I.
"Eva Elizabeth Parker you help your brother and father because last week when you changed your room around they moved all the heavy stuff." Ana said in a tone that you don't argue with.
"Fine i'll do it but I won't like it." Eva said while walking away.

"Hey you coming princess" she called from the hall.
Yea I'll be there, and don't call me princess." I yelled back after saying quick goodbye to Ana and following Eva to the front door.
"Hey Eva is Amelia here?" I asked Eva as we were walking out the front door.
"I think she went shopping with a couple of her friends." Eva said
I see Tate and the backside of a boy with dark brown hair almost black like Ana's, he's tall like maybe 5'8" or 5'9", when he turns around he smiles at us he has beautiful blue eyes that are so mesmerizing and his smile is just the best smile ever. Why am I feeling this way, but I guess it makes sense he's like the hottest and cutest guy I've ever met, so I'm guessing he's Logan. He finishes putting the stuff in the house and then comes back out to get some other stuff.

"Are you just going to stand there Eva or are you going to help." he told Eva
"Come on princess lets help Loggie." Eva said
"Don't call me that and who is this." he says and then points at me
"Oh that's Cathenna, she's going to be staying with us for a while." Eva replied
"Oh well nice to meet you Cathenna, I'm Logan." he said.
"Hey, what can I help with?" I replied
"Well you can take these bags in and just put them in the hallway." He says while handing me bags.
"Oh and Cathenna"
"I'm going to start calling you Cat ok." He says to me while I'm standing in the doorway with Eva right behind me.
"Ok" I said while walking into the hallway and putting the bags on the floor.
"Just because he's calling you Cat doesn't mean I am,I'm still calling you princess." Eva says while were on our way to the dinner table
"Their is no way I can change your mind right."
"Nope your stuck as being princess. she says as we sit down at the table with the rest of the family

As the Parkers start to sit down at the table I look around and see that the room is full of laughter, the Parkers are enjoying themselves. The way that they are so carefree with each other makes me envious because this never happens at home but this doesn't happen for a reason. We all have duties my parents do and so do I but at this moment I want to be just as carefree as the Parker's.

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