You're Rude

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Eren grinned, watching Jean and Marco lose at Call of Duty.

"You guys suck," Eren laughed and Jean turned his head, glaring. Marco just chuckled and sighed.

"Yeah, but Jean, it's okay!" Marco smiled, kissing Jean's nape. Sitting between Marco's legs on their college room bed, Jean sighed and pouted at the game. Jean replied with his sarcastic tone.

"Yeah, it's fantastic that we lose to one guy when it's a two to one fight.."

"Don't worry horseface, I'll beat you again," Eren grinned, showing off clean teeth. Jean whipped his head around at him and glared again.

"Excuse me? Say that again!" Jean leapt forward but before he could reach Eren who had yelped and giggled, Marco grabbed his waist, trying to coo Jean's temper.

"Now now Jean! It's okay! He's kidding around!" Marco exclaimed, trying not to laugh at Jean's hot headed temper. Jean's eyes narrowed but he sat back into Marco's lap and huffed, turning his face away from Eren. Eren just giggled quietly and looked at Marco who was shyly looking back and smiling. Suddenly the door opening, Armin walked in. Jean leapt off of the bed and out of Marco's arms. Armin looked at Jean and quietly chuckled at him.

"Nervous about something?" Armin smiled, fixing his blonde hair to go over his eyebrows. Jean giving him a dirty look, sat back down, only he changed where he sat. He had now sat next to Marco but a little away. "Anyways, Eren, we gotta work on that project for English. I also heard there's a new student or two."

"Wait, hold on. What project?" Eren opened his mouth, furrowing his eyebrows. Armin just stared at Eren for a second, trying to see if he was joking with him. After what seemed like forever, Armin shook his head.

"The project about the Greeks....?" Armin frowned. Eren just sat there for a second before jumping up in panic.

"Wait! When is it due?"

"Like, tomorrow. So come on and help out," Armin smiled and turned on his heel. Opening the door to the room, he walked out leaving Eren where he was. Eren could hear Armin open his own bedroom door and close it. Eren eventually moving, looked over at Marco and Jean and nodded before stepping out and closing the door behind him. Before Eren could open the door to Armin's room, a heavy body smashed into his back, sending his body and face into the door in front of him.

"Eeeeeerrreen!!" Hanji squealed, not letting go of his body. "I miiiisssssed youuu!"

"H-Hanji! Get off!" Hearing Eren groan, she leapt off, giggling as she watched him rub his forehead with the palm of his hand. "What was that for? You just saw me the other day!"

"Yeeaah, buut," she laughed, and she leaned in closer. "The other day is not today so therefore, I haven't seen you all day!"

Eren just looked at here. Staring at her, he face-palmed and sighed. "Hanji, it's only like ten in the morning. This is not all day.. You know," he paused and let out another sigh as he noticed she was bothering Reiner who had been walking past. "Aaand never mind. She's not listening." Turning away, he opened the door and closed it behind him. Armin's room was a typical college kid room except one thing that stood out. It's huge stacks of books that weren't college necessary. They were packed everywhere, making the room dirty of just books. Eren was almost thankful he didn't share the room with him. "So what are we gonna do for the project?"

"You'll see." Armin smiled.


Later on that day, Eren had finished his project with Armin and was now in his own room, sprawled out on his bed, playing the new game of Medal of Honor. Eren grinned as he killed one of the soldiers running at him. A knock hit his door and he jumped, which caused him to lose focus and die. "Dammit..." Eren grumbled. Getting up, he fixed his bed head and opened the door. Noticing no one there, he started to close the door when it suddenly stopped. Looking down suddenly, he noticed a short black haired and grey eyed guy standing there. His face made it seem like he was pissed and Eren swallowed, at the same time he was trying to hold in a laugh. He's short.. Oh my god he's like a foot smaller than me. "Ah, may I help- Oof!" Eren suddenly felt a shoulder hit his stomach. He doubled over for a second and then looked over to the kid who was now unpacking all his belongings and sorting through what was what. Eren closed the door and sat on his own bed, staring at the older looking boy. "So I think I at least deserve to know the name of the guy who shoved their-" Eren started and once again, he was cut off.

"Levi." The venom coming off his lips almost made Eren want to flinch but he restrained himself. Levi shifted his eyes over, and narrowed them. Eren felt their eyes lock and he had to be the one to break the contact first. He looked away but could feel Levi's eyes boring into him. Swallowing and then clearing his throat, he looked back up, this time to see Levi was back to working on his sorting. Eren watched him and then cleared his throat again.

"Um, so I-" As of now, this was Eren's third time being cut off by Levi. Irritation was setting in as he had just tried to apologize.

"Don't bother," Levi sneered at him. Eren was already getting sick of this guy, and this was only five minutes into their greeting. What was his problem? Why was he such an asshole?

"You know, you're an asshole. I'm just trying be nice to you and you're just ruining things for me and I don't-"

"Care. I don't care, and neither should you," Levi swallowed and Eren watch his Adam's apple bob. Eren watched as silver eyes flickered to his own ocean eyes, and then back to his bed. Unpacking his last bit, he placed the bags neatly under the bed. "You like to stare."

"Ah!" He jumped, forgetting that Levi could see him. Embarrassment seeping through his body, he turned away and held his breath. Jeez this is embarrassing... "I didn't mean to stare. I just.. Ah, never mind."

"I wish you'd be more honest with yourself," Levi spoke with nothing but a mocking tone, as he climbed onto his bed and sat down near the head. Eren cringed and tightened his jaw, ready to pounce at him. Seriously, what is his issue? He huffed and got into his own bed, grabbing the game controller again. As he hit new game, Eren heard shuffling at his side and as he looked toward his direction for only a second and then back, he died. Suddenly a sound that sounded like a snort came. Eren whipped his head at him and glared, which he only glared back. He could feel the tense atmosphere and he ended up looking away first from Levi's silver light eyes. Hitting new game once again, Eren could feel Levi's eyes staring at him. Making shivers go down Eren's spine, he swallowed and cleared his throat, hoping he'd look away soon.

Did he? Nope. Eren could still feel his eyes locked into the back of his head. Ten minutes of staring was enough to make him go crazy. Suddenly feeling a cold sweat dampening his clothes, he tried to build up courage to tell Levi off. Swallowing down his spit, Eren whipped his head back at Levi and glared.

"Hey. Could you-" Eren stopped in the middle of his sentence as he realized that Levi was sitting at the head of his bed with his back against the wall, eyes closed. Eren watched Levi breathing for a bit before fully realizing that he was sleeping. Embarrassment swept over Eren and he cover his eyes. Seriously? This whole time, I was so nervous and sweating about a guy who isn't even awake. Ugh! Huffing, Eren turned off his console and television. He sat up at looked over at Levi's small body. Silver eyes were no longer showing. Dark eyebrows furrowed and long lashes twitched. Pale skin, short light breathing. All of it, Eren could see so clearly. Almost jealous of the boy's facial features, he almost tempted to put a blanket over Levi's body when he suddenly stopped. Oh hell no.. He doesn't deserve this. He can just deal! Eren then sat back down in his own bed, and crawling under the blankets, he turned off the light. Closing his eyes, Eren dreamt of a certain black haired and silver eyed boy.


Hello! The name is Ryan. This is currently my first SnK fanfic ever so I just hope I'm doing okay! Anyways, just a warning, there will be plenty of swearing in the next and next and other next chapters and if enough people like the fanfiction, I'll have mature content in there!

Just let me know if you think it's good so far! I plan to write more fanfics (not of just SnK) so feel free to follow or read those when they come out too. Thanks for reading!! xoxo

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