Chapter 7

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Azalea's Perspective

When we got to the Diamond District gates, I was bubbling with excitement. "Attention Gems: We are now arriving at the homes you will be living in. The number under your seat corresponds to the number of your mansion. Good luck and come to the meeting at 5:00 pm." I checked my seat. There was a small number 1. They came to my place first. The house was huge, with three stories and a rolling lawn in front. A fountain was placed right in front of the walkway. I gasped. Slowly and carefully, I stepped off the bus and into the mansion. Marble floors led the way up to two opposite facing staircases leading to the second and third floors. On the 2nd floor, I came across an enormous room with a canopy bed and sofa. Next to the wardrobe, a beautiful blue dress hung on a mannequin. I touched the silk reverently and suddenly flung myself face first onto the bed. A note on the bedside table said, Get dressed and come outside at 4:45 to wait for me to pick you up to take you to the meeting. ~Stephen

Obediently, I changed into the blue dress and put my long blonde hair into a french braid down the back. The clock said 4:40 so I skipped excitedly downstairs in beautiful blue flats. While I waited, I strolled around the beautiful garden out front. Rich and famous: here I come!


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