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A/N: So for the sake of the book, there is no band. There might be one and the end of the book. I haven't decided yet. Go check out my preference book, I'll be updating soon.

I'm aware that you don't wanna make a Grizzly Bear mad. Why would you wanna? But do I run? That will only make him want me more.

But this is no Grizzly Bear. Infact a Grizzly Bear would be easier to handle.

This here. is Michael Clifford aka my personal bully.

"Look who it is. Little. Blonde. Boy." Michael said obviously messing up the saying.

You don't poke a grizzly bear.

It'll only makes him madder.

But me, being the dirtbag I am, punched Michael in the face.

He had it coming to him.

I have to admit that I could've handled it better.

Oh well, can't turn back now.

What do I do now?   I thought to myself.

Run! Yeah, that's a good idea.

I ran. I ran far.

I can't believe I did that.

The boy who would never go camping with his dad because he was afraid of mosquitos.

I can't believe I just stood up to my bully.

I feel less guilty and more proud of myself.

What a rush!

I guess I better watch my back from now on.

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