A sorta kinda date

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"Oh. My. GOD! NO," I screamed at Sabrina.

"And why not? They're cute!" she countered.

"1: Ew. And 2: EW!"

"Oh come on! Its not that bad! They're clean. I've not even used them, yet." She replied nonchalantly.

"I don't care! Firstly, who wants a permanent wedgie?! I mean, come on! What kind of pervert comes up with butt floss as suitable form of clothing! And secondly, that's gross! How can you even keep track of those things?" As you may be able to tell, we were arguing about thongs. I say 'no freaking way in hell will I ever wear those', but Sabrina must hear 'go on, persuade me'.

"You really must not want to look cute for your boys," she smirked. What is her deal?

"I'm not going! And even if I was, I wouldn't dress up for people I just met!" I folded my arms and plopped down onto the living room floor.

"Okay, screw this!" She grabbed me by the waist and hauled me up the stairs. Damn, this girl is strong! We reached the top of the steps and she continued to drag me to my room. She forcefully stripped me down and pushed me into the bathroom, slamming the door in my stunned face.

"Bitch," I said under my breath.

"Oh, you want me to come in there?!" She can be very scary at times.

"Ugh! Why are you doing this to me? I just want to stay home and let you buy me Chinese! Is that too much to ask for?" I sulked as I turned on the shower. I quickly hopped in and washed my body and my hair. I heard the door open and the shower door was violently ripped open.

"Okay, you're clean enough!" Sabrina turned off the water and threw a towel at me. Then she proceeded to pull me out of the shower... by my hair!

"Ow! Ow! OW! Stop! I think I know how to walk without you breaking my neck!" It was true. From the way she was holding my hair, I had to kneel down to be her height.

"Shut up. This is for your own good." She sat me down at her vanity table and did my hair in a side braid and my makeup was light and natural. She went to her closet and pulled out a cream strapless sweetheart dress with small rhinestones along the bust and a pair of pale pink flats with bows on them (Depicted in photo.) Hang on, why is my favorite dress in Sabrina's closet. I stare daggers as my supposed best friend, but she ignores me. "There, now put those on!" She goes in the hall for a few minutes while I shimmy into the dress and flats. I let her know that I am clothed and she re-enters the room. "I'm going to get dressed now. Stay right there." She rummaged through the closet and emerged with a classy black dress and black heels that she calls her "go-to-heels".

Twelve minutes later, she comes out of the bathroom dressed. She moved me from the vanity table to her bed and sat at the table. She quickly did some makeup and put her hair in a low bun. She looked very classy and professional. For the very first time! Aww! They grow up so fast!

Then I remembered. "Um, can I put on some underwear?"

She turned around and laughed. "Oh, yeah! Almost forgot!" She picked up a bag and was about to throw it at me when the doorbell rang. "Put these on and I'll get the door." She disappeared from the door frame for a second before came back. "Oh yeah. I got this for you today." She hands me a small grey box, then hurried downstairs to get the door.

I looked into the bag, and sure enough there was a thong and a strapless cream lace bra. I pulled the top of my dress down and put on the bra. But I got a pair of white boy shorts and a pair of sleeping shorts from my dresser. Just in case the wind wants to cause a scene. And, yeah right Sabrina, I'm not going that far.

Next I open the small box Sabrina gave me. Inside is a small gold necklace with a woman holding a vine in the middle. It's gorgeous.

I stand in front of a full length mirror, inspecting myself. The cream dress hugs my waist and flares out slightly at mid thigh. My auburn hair drapes over my shoulder in a sleek braid. I look myself in the eye and take a deep breath, reminding myself of the free meal I was about to receive. Good enough for me!

Heading out the door, I grab a little tan bag and throw my phone and wallet in.

When I arrived downstairs, Justin, Paul and Sabrina were talking in hushed tones. "Um, I'm ready to get this over with." Their heads snapped up to see me and smiles broke out on Justin's and Paul's faces.

"You look beautiful," they said in unison.

I blushed and whispered a "thanks".

"Shall we go, madam?" Paul asked in a horrible French accent. I wrinkled up my nose and giggled at him.

"Only on one condition." Paul raised an eyebrow at me. "Don't speak like that ever again."

That caused Justin to crack up. "Ah-ha! I told you, man! Girls just aren't that in to you!" He came in like he was going to high five me, but I stepped away. "Come on. Are you going to leave me hang?" he asked, giving me puppy dog eyes.

"Yep."I said quickly, wringing my hands together.

Paul came to my side and went to put his arm on my shoulder, but I ducked away. "Hey, what's up?" he looked just as concerned as Justin.

"Just... I may or may not have a thing about people touching me..." I replied under my breath. But, somehow, they both heard me. Justin and Paul looked at each other and seemed to be having a nonverbal conversation with one another. "Um... Can we go?" I just wanted to get this over with. In fact, if I remember correctly, I am the only one doesn't want to do this!

----------2 hours later---------

The 'date' went really nicely. They took us to a fancy Italian restaurant, but about five minutes in, Sabrina gets a call and has to leave. It was sort of awkward at first, but I was slowly warming up to the guys.

After a delicious dessert of chocolate lava cake with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream, we left and went to a park. Paul thought it would be fun to steal a kiss, so I chased him down and tried to beat him senseless.

Unfortunately, before I could succeed, Justin picked me up as if I weighed nothing. All that Paul said was, "Damn girl! You're violent! I like that." Justin set me on the ground and they both kissed my cheeks.

If it weren't for the crazy chills running up and down my spine from their kisses, I would have castrated the pair.

Then they drove me home after I gave them my home address and invited themselves in to talk a bit more. I'm starting to have a love-hate relationship with them. So here we are. Sprawled out on the couch laughing our heads off. Next thing I know, the door bursts open and Sabrina is standing there all bloody, clothes torn to shreds, and out of breath!
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