Kickin ass

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Doras P.O.V

"Coast is clear" i said to myself as i peaked out my bedroom door to see if beth was up and about In which she wasn't

God i feel like a scared wife trying to leave her abusive husband

Oh yeah, im leaving beths house and then going to brandons to apolihize and explain everything

I just cant hurt him anymore

I cant

I love him to much to hurt him

I was in his mind when i wasnt supposed to be, and hes breaking

He thought about suicide

Beth will not win

I walked out my bedroom door an headed for the front door, i got to the door and my hand was 2 inches from the door knob when i heard a way to familiar voice

"Its not over" she said

"Oh really?" I said in a smart ass voice

"Really... I will see you again and you will finish the job you started" she said

I said nothing cause i knew she would probably find me

"Brandon henderson will die!" She said and that was it i lost it my hair started growing along with my finger nails my eyes wemt pitch black and at my hairline at the top of my forehead started bleeding.

The princess of hell was coming out

"What did you just say" i said in my demonic voice but stronger then when i last used it

"I said, brandon fucking, henderson WILL DIE!" She said but the last part in a demonic voice also but not as strong as mine

You see demonic voices are like accents some can be light and not very noticeable like beths, and some can be ver strong and scare the shit ou of you like mine.

This bitch just said the love of my life was going to die i dont play no shit bout that..,she bout o get her ass tore up

Without thinking i lunged at the bitch and as soon as she hit the ground my fangs came out and i tore a huge chunk out of her neck.

She reached her arm up to put her hand on her neck to stop the bleeding and as she did that i grabbed her arm and took a big bite out of that to

And no im not gonna eat the bitch thatd be to easy, im gonna let her suffer and who in there right mind would eat a half witch half demon thingy NOT ME shed tear me up from the inside thats why i spit out the parts that i bit off of her i grabbed her by her blonde hair held her head down with one hand and gouache her eyes out with the other

After i was done i got off of her and left


A/N sorry for the rushy chapter it was better but somehow got deleted yeah and i had to use kroger wifi ha to rewrite all through the story will explain next chapter

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