It had been two days since the Boss had called the meeting about the move and we were all packing up. I had all my gear schoolbag, my Kindle, my phone (without any signal, unfortunately) and my bootbag. Thanks Smithy!

Each of the girls had been assigned a 'handler' and some of the men were left to oversee everything. Christopher had been assigned to me along with Luke because apparently I was 'too much of a stubborn hot-head to have just one man'. I agreed wholeheartedly. Tom was overseeing everything as he was the enforcer. Apparently, Jake had been told to float around and oversee things as 'Christopher and Luke have things covered' with me.

We were all travelling by plane and we had 'handlers' to make sure his sex-ring wasn't revealed in an attempt to regain our freedom. The Boss decided that our handlers would pose as our 'family'. Some were travelling as brother and sister (such as Christopher, Luke and I), others were travelling as father and daughter and a few were posing as couples. I'm just glad Christopher, Luke and I pulled the sibling card...anything else would've been weird.

The Boss decided that a public plane with tickets booked from various internet cafés, hotels and pubs in the area would be less conspicuous than around 150 people using a private jet. So that, my friends, is how I ended up being condemned to an 8 hour flight with Christopher and Luke. This should be interesting.

At customs, the three of us got pulled into a private room 'on suspicion of carryng class-A drugs'. It turns out, one of Luke's team pulled us in for an update after Luke had told them that Christopher and I were 'OK'. 

They questioned each of us and when I told my story so far, the customs officers, Detective Sanders and her partner, Detective Rogers each both assumed a pitying look and started to treat me like a fragile doll. At this point, I gave Luke a 'Save them before I punch them' look and he discreetly nodded. "Um, guys. If you continue to give her pitying looks, I will not be held responsible for your injuries," Luke smirked. Sanders and Rogers snapped their attention on Luke as Sanders got snippy. "Huh, what's she going to do. No offense, but she's tiny. She only looks about 12, for crying out loud!" That seriously pissed me off! "Hmph. There is an excellent reason for me looking young. I'm 17 but I'm not tiny. But seriously, working in a bar until the wee hours of the morning for the last 4 years has taught me some...people skills," I grinned triumphantly. They both looked at me confused before Sanders asked "Sweetie, what do you mean 'working in a bar'? Did you open up for a family member?" she asked me in her sickly-sweet voice. "Actually, I was a barmaid and doubled up as bouncer at times, 20:00 until 004.00 and I can definitely pack a punch." She got a doubtful look on her face when I said that I pack a punch. "Sky, don't  do it," Christopher warned. "Do what?" I batted back innocently before walking up to the wall and leaving my signature. Detective Sanders and Rogers both looked utterly gobsmacked while Christopher and Luke were playfully glaring and slowly shaking their heads. 

After Luke had debriefed them, we were free to go as we all knew that if we didn't go, Luke's team's entire operation would've been for nothing. 

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