I dropped my bag over by the shut door and went to lay on his space ship bed. Awe, that's so cute.

He still hasn't come back for a bit, so I just keep laying down. I slide over to my side, where my face is up against the wall, and close my eyes.


I feel hands on my back and I hear someone saying. "So, this is Lilly?" The voice was far away, so it couldn't be the person touching me now.

Spoke too soon. That's when the person that's touching me says. "Yes, Lilly you needa get up." Sam shakes me a bit and I finally open my eyes.

Sam's green eyes are looking down at me in awe. I can feel my checks get red. I sit up but his hands never leave. It's almost like they're glued.

Once I pull my eyes away from Sam, I see his grandparents looking down at me. I smile, what I do when I see old people... They smile back and the women says. "Hi, I'm Sam's grandmother and this is his grandfather." She says while hand jesturing to the old man beside her. "You can just call me Papa Roy, that'd be fine." Papa Roy said. I giggle a bit. "Call me Jackie." Jackie smiled and said. "Well, I've got some chili mac cooking up."

"Oh sweet, my favorite!" He laughed. He gets up off the bed and helps me up. His grandparents leave the room.

"So, what did you need help with?" I ask.

"Uhmm. This." He laughed while pointing all over his room. Just what I had expected.

"Alright, lets get to this." I smiled and he smiled back.

First we stripped the bed and put on some new sheets that he had in a wal-mart bag...


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