"Monday morning already," Ryleigh sighed as she rolled over and slammed her alarm clock off. Ryleigh didn't hate her job, she just disliked her boss who was always a jerk and treated her as if she were a child. "God, please I love my job, but I love music more. Please send that angel to me that's going to get me out from under this tyrant jerk," she prayed as she rolled out of bed to get ready for her day to deal with him. She got ready for work and went out to her car only to discover she had a flat tire. "Shit!!" she said as she kicked the tire. "Great, now I'm going to be late and that's going to really fire him up, just what I need! UGH!!!! WHY??" she called out to no one in particular as she popped the trunk and got out her spare tire and jack. She called the office to let the receptionist know that she was going to be late and to please inform Mr. Hunter. Ryleigh changed her tire and sped off hoping that she wouldn't be too late. She pulled into the parking area ten minutes after she was scheduled to be at work. Mr. Hunter liked his coffee on his desk as soon as he came in and if it wasn't there he made sure to let her know. She ran into the elevator and caught her heel on the space between the elevator and the door causing it to break off. "What is this today??" she screamed out as she picked up the heel and hit the 42nd floor button.

The elevator got to the 42nd floor and she limped into the front door. "Good morning Ms. Steele," Marianne the receptionist addressed her.

"If you want to call it a good morning, then good morning. Is Mr. Hunter here yet?" Ryleigh asked praying that he wasn't.

"Yes, and he's in a whirlwind because he doesn't have his coffee, he's not happy this morning," she sighed.

"Great," Ryleigh said as she went to the break room and brewed coffee.

Once the coffee was brewed she made Mr. Hunter his normal huge coffee mug full and walked to his office limping since the heel of her shoe was broken off and she hadn't had time to fix it. She knew he would more than likely complain about that and would probably send her home. "Knock Knock," she said poking her head into his office.

"Why in the hell are you late? We have a meeting at 9:30 this morning and I needed you here on time so that we could prepare for it. Why are you limping? Did you hurt yourself while you were here?" he said with attitude.

"Well, first of all Good Morning Mr. Hunter. I am late because my car had a flat tire when I walked out this morning and I'm sorry that I am late, it was out of my control. Here's your coffee. I'm limping because my heel broke off when it got it caught in the space between the elevator and the doors, and no I'm not hurt, but thanks for caring. I'll be back; I am going to get my laptop and put my things down.  Then we can prepare for the meeting," she said as she walked out.

"Make it quick," he growled as she walked away.

Thankfully, Ryleigh always kept a spare pair of flats at her desk just in case she would be doing a lot of walking around the office. Today they would come in handy until she could get to the shoe repair. She changed her shoes and as she got up to walk back to Mr. Hunter's office her desk phone rang.  Looking at the display, she noticed it was him. She hit the hands free button, "I'm on my way sir," she said and hung up.

She walked into his office and sat down. "What's on the agenda for today sir?" she asked.

"Well, we have a huge client that we need to set up a meeting for. They are looking to build a new high rise in downtown and they are looking for some newer designs. Think you can handle that? They are flying in from New York next week and I need you to book them close to the office. Make sure they have everything they need. Make sure they have transportation with a driver, meals are taken care of. You should hopefully by now know the drill for big clients," he glared at her.

"Yes, I do know what I need to do and as soon as I go back to my office I will take care of that. Is there anything else that you are going to need today? Any more meetings that I need to be in? I need to get those reports to you today, I know they aren't due until Wednesday, but I'm almost finished with them and want to get them to you early," she smiled small.

"I do need you to go pick up my dry cleaning.  I have some suits as well that need to be picked up from Thomas Pink and when you get back from that I need you to book the Millennium Biltmore downtown for our upcoming charity event in a couple of months. You have everything you need I assume, correct? The planner, food list, etc?" he asked.

"Yes, I have it all. Anything else that you need?" she asked as she stood up.

"Can you stop by Starbuck's on your way back to the office and get me a Venti Red Eye please?" he asked.

"Yes, sir." she said going to her office and gathering her purse and walking out the door and telling Marianne she would be back that she had errands to do for Mr. Hunter.

While she was out her phone rang and she noticed that it was her partner with A&M/Octone records.

"Hey Billy what's up?" she answered.

"I got a band that you need to check out Saturday night. Everyone is raving about them. They are playing at 8pm at The Roxy," he said.

"After the day I've had, I hope they are it. If I have to deal with Mr. get my dry cleaning, get me a Red Eye, do this do that much longer I'm going to scream," she told him.

"Well, from what I've heard they could be the next big thing, and I thought of you," he said.

"Alrighty then, I'll go take a listen then Saturday at 8 at the Roxy," she smiled, "I'll talk to you later," she said hanging up.

The rest of her week went by with the usual do this, pick up that, get me this. She was thankful when 5 o'clock rolled around on Friday.

"Have a nice weekend Mr. Hunter," she said as she walked past his office seeing him with a pencil in hand tapping on his desk.

"Yeah, you too," he said as he put the pencil into his mouth.

"What a beautiful man," she thought to herself as she walked out the door and went home.