Getting To Know Kayla

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*Sierra's POV*

When I saw that girl being pushed, I couldn't help but remember being pushed around when I was younger. That's why I stopped them from pushing her any further.

"How old are you, Kayla?" I ask her.

"Fourteen." She says. I sigh.

"I remember that age. I got pushed around at that age." I say. Harry rubbed my back.

"You did?" Kayla asks me. I nod and she sighs.

"I hate it. I've been picked on for forever." She says.

"It will be okay, I promise. I just confronted my bullies and they left me alone. They didn't say a single word to me after." I say and Harry smiles.

"That's my girl!!" He says and raises his hand for me to high-five it. I do, and Kayla smiles.

"We should go to the hotel and get to know each other." I say and we all go out to the car. I feel my pocket buzz.

'Hey, why aren't you texting me back? I wanna hang sometime! -Dean'

I stop dead in my tracks and breath heavily.

"Babe? What's wrong?" Harry asks me. I hand him my phone and he reads the text. His face changes from worried to angry. He typed something and sent it. He handed my phone back to me and I read it.

'This is Harry, Sierra's boyfriend. Leave her the hell alone or you will live your last day.'

"Harry!" I yell in disbelief. He shrugs and we get in the car.

"Are you okay?" Kelly asks me. I nod.

"I am now." I say and give a quick glance over to Harry.

"You two are too cute." She says and Harry looks at me.

"Did Kayla and Edward call yet?" Harry asks me.

"Not yet. Maybe tomorrow. Wait, where are we?" I ask.

"You weirdo, we're in California." Harry giggles.

"Oh. What if something happened to them?" I ask.

"I'm sure their fine." Harry reassures me.

"Okay." I say and as soon as I say that, I feel my phone buzzing, telling me I got a call. I answer.

"Hello, this is Sierra." I say into the phone.

"Oh my goodness, I'm glad you answered. It's Edward." A voice says.

"Oh hey Edward. What's up? Is something wrong?" I say concerned.

"No, everything's okay. Just making sure it was you." He says awkwardly into the phone. I shake it off and smile.

"That's good. Wanna talk to Harry? He was just talking about you." I say and he snatches the phone out my hand.

"Is everything okay Edward?" Harry says into the phone. Kayla looks at me, not knowing what's going on.

"We met an elderly couple that works at an ice cream parlour and we found them nice so we gave them our number and they have our middle names as their first names. Kelly and Edward." I say and she nods.

"They sound lovely." She murmurs.

"So how is it being a fan Kelly?" Zayn asks and she looks at him.

"Well, its really fun. You guys really changed my life. You saved my life. During the time I was getting bullied, I just wanted everything to end. Especially my life. But then you guys came around. The minute I saw you five, I fell in love. I knew that you would be amazing, so I stayed with the world. And look where I am now. Sierra saved me from the bullies and I probably won't get picked on because of you. Thank you so much. I appreciate everything." Kayla says and I smile.

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