Stuck in the past

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This is me. I'm emotionally unstable and physically immature. My heart skips a beat every time I see someone attractive. My throat dries whenever I'm supposed to talk about a personal subject. I'm drowning in my own mind and my world is a mess.

"No, no fucking way!" I yelled at my mum on the phone.

I would never talk to her this way normally, because, you know, she's my mum and I've been raised to tolerate my parents and let them have their authority, but I can't stop myself right now.

She is that calm nice type, everything in her life has it's own rule. There's almost never neither confusion nor quandary visible on her face and compared to the instant mess and cluelessness on mine it's pretty unbelievable. There's no mother-daughter feature, we're different in every possible way two people can be, yet our personalities match.

I wish she'd just stop sticking her nose to my life. It's none of her business.

"Mum please listen to me .. No! Shit mum stop please, I don't need to .. No! Mum listen.."

Our phone calls usually don't go like this. Me and my mum have a really good relationship. We talk almost about everything, from school to boys, from clothes to weather, but sometimes she just crosses the line and gets on my nerves. I know she's just trying to help, but I'm 17 and I can handle some situations by myself. Wasn't it her who always told me to be more mature and start acting like a grown up?

So why can't she just let me do things on my own?

Why does she think that living with some annoying boys will change my summer?

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