10: Time's Past

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Soul gets up and look around before looking at the blue dragon behind him "Good morning Crystal" she opens one eye to look at him and smiles "Morning Soul" he walks out of the building which Crystal and the other dragons are kept within and looks at the gloomy sky before walking over to the statue and looking it over, he hears a voice from behind him "they will be missed but it's been three months you need to let him go sooner or later" a woman with red hair and green eyes walks over to him.

Soul turns to face her and smiles "Kiera good to see you" he thinks for a moment before continuing "I though you had gone to one of the eastern camps" he looks slightly confused and the woman named Kiera just smiles at his confusion "I was going to but I decided to stay here instead" she laughs "plus someone has to keep you company" she looks as crystal walks out and up to Soul who smiles "I have Crystal for company now Kiera you know that" he looks at Crystal "isn't that right girl?" Crystal licks his face in reply and Soul just laughs as Kiera shakes her head "I mean't other than your dragon" she laughs a little "I still can't believe she took you as her rider especially since she was a wild dragon before who wasn't born for a rider like some are" she thinks before looking at the statue "I wonder if he was born to have a rider" she quickly shrugs and looks to Soul and Crystal "you two make a good couple anyway" she laughs as she turns and walks away hearing Soul muttering curses to himself so Kiera can't hear him. Crystal just shakes her head "An old friend?" Soul laughs and nods "yeah an irritating one though" he turns to look at Crystal "she's just jealous because she can't get a beautiful dragon like you as her best friend" he laughs and Crystal blushes "Soul if I'm beautiful you're king of the warlocks" Soul smiles "I guess I'm the king of the warlocks then.


Somewhere within the forest: Blake wanders aimlessly since he is no longer welcome in the human city "Why do I still wander? What is there for me out here other than my death?" he mutters to himself as he trapezes through the forest.

He hears a loud crash nearby and quickly heads to the area and notices four humans that have a green dragon hung in a tree tied up so it cannot move "I guess since I no longer work with them I may as well work against them and help the dragons" Blake pulls out his sword and walks out into the clearing hearing a voice "That's Blake, quickly get him there is a good bounty on his head" three men quickly charge at him leaving one woman who just stands there making sure the dragon does not escape, the man all attack at the same time and Blake easily avoids their attacks "I have been training over the past three months and will not be taken down so easy" his voice sounds rather dull as if without any purpose. Blake jabs his blade through one of the men's chest and quickly pulls it back out allowing him to fall, he quickly moves to avoid another attack and disarms the man by hitting his hand with the butt of his blade, Blake quickly sweeps the mans legs from under him and kicks his blade into the air which lands directly in the mans forehead while Blake moves to block the last mans attack "no bounty for you" he twists his arm slightly causing the other mans blade to slip to the side and pulling his blade up and pushing it through the mans chest, he notices the woman attempt to run and takes a small metal fragment from his pocket and throws it at her hitting her in the back of her head and she immediately drops forward to the floor, lifelessly.

Blake walks over to where the dragon is and looks it over before cutting a single piece of rope allowing it to fall to the floor, he moves over and helps it to its paws and then backs away "you are free from their net now big guy" he smiles "and free to get back to your life" he turns and starts to walk away, the dragon starts to follow him which at first he ignores thinking the dragon may just be heading the same direction but after a few minutes he turns around and looks at the dragon who stops and looks back "Why are you following me?" the dragon smiles "a dragon may choose a rider if they wish and once they have done so they will be able to talk to the one they have chosen through telepathy" Blake looks at him and just looks confused for a moment before thinking about it a little better "then why can I hear you?" the dragon shakes his head "Only a dragon's rider will be able to hear the dragon speak other than that only other dragons can hear them speak but not through telepathy" Blake looks and scratches his head before realizing "so because I can hear you that means you have chosen me as your rider?" the dragon just nods "and what if I don't want to be your rider?" the dragon looks a little surprised then a little sad "if the one a dragon chooses says no then the dragon will wander aimlessly until they die" Blake looks at the green dragon and smiles "good thing I want to be isn't it" the dragon looks at him and seems relieved.

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