Chapter#10 When everyone becomes anonymous

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Chapter#10 When everyone becomes anonymous

-Haniya Saleem-

     I opened the doors of the library. Yes, that big of a door to become doors, like a palace one. Near the librarian's desk, I saw a shelf stacked with some magazine sort of books piled over one another. I headed towards it.

     Is it really the college magazine?

     I picked one. The cover showed it all. I felt happiness all inside myself.Well, that's something crazy about me but I can't live without reading. I was about to open it when I heard the librarian say,

     "Fifty dirhams for the magazine miss."

     Yup, dirhams. The day we shifted from Oman to Sharjah, the currency had changed from Riyal to Dirhams. And I am trying my best to get used to it. Without lifting my head, I searched for some money in my pocket hopefully. Gotcha! I am not that unlucky after all.

     After paying for the magazine, I went with my new companion to look for a table. Ali could be here soon, but I was always earlier.

     Comfortably seating myself on a chair, I opened the contents page, the first one. I lifted my head and looked around. Nope, he didn't arrive yet.

     I closed the magazine and had a look at its cover. In small sized letters, the name of our college was printed. Well, that was not too obvious. The words 'College magazine' were boldly printed at the forehead of the cover in comparatively larger, much larger size. The cover had a theme of greenery with some butterflies flying here and there. The clear blue sky, the lush green leaves of the trees and the beautiful bushes cut in a creative way. It wasn't a picture got from the internet. It was something beautifully captured by the eye of the camera. I could tell that. It informed about the aesthetic sense of the covermaker.

     Once again, I looked at the list in the contents page. Going through the titles of different sections of the magazine, I got stuck at one, "Life in my view". I opened the page number that was written against it. It was a section based on a single page. The topic for this month was "Responsibility". After reading for a little while, I found myself engrossed in it.

     Assalam-o-Alaikum! This time the topic "Responsibility" might had attracted your attention. This is a word usually used by people as in "She is a really responsible person", "You are an irresponsible student", "I don't think you have any sense of responsibility" and many more. Do you agree with this? Yes, you would agree with such dialogues and sentences if you meet a person that you think is deserving to receive one of such sentences. Based on some lack of responsibility in one case, one can't base a person wholly on this quality in every case.

     But I don't really go with your thoughts. I can't think of someone gone to such an extent as to not have any sense of responsibility at all.. Well! by being 'irresponsible' and being 'a person lacking the sense of responsibility', people mean the same. But I don't believe that this suits even to the worst person of the world.

     According to me, responsibility is the sense that makes one to think, care or feel obliged to do something for oneself or for another. Do you think that any person is devoid of this sense? Leave this aside, have you seen any animal devoid of this sense?

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