chapter 2 date night

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Well hello gorgeous. Hello handsome you look stunning this evening. Well I can say the same to you. Let's head over to the restaurant shall we? Yes indeed.  So how was the drive down here?  I heard it was an accident.

It was ok I did see the accident, it was not bad they just got hit in the back ,but nothing worse.  Well that great. So Darrin how is your job working for the AAU basketball team? Well Jazmin its ok but I rather do something else. Like what?

Like exploring the world new things. But don't you do that already with your team? Well yes, yes I do but I rather go to different continent like South America or Europe. I replied " dont you know im a beginner surgeon im going to Africa to do sugery on an 14 year old girl named  anastasia,she has a cotton ball size tumor in her head .

How would like to come and support me? That will be great, what day is it. Its Monday afternoon at 12:36. Ill leave at 9:30and we will get there at 11:00. Ok sounds great well its time to get u home. Its late. Your friends probably worrying to death!

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