Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

"wait" said Nina last minute. "what's wrong?" I asked slightly confused. She takes off my glasses and hands me my emergency contacts in case my glasses accidentally broke. " At least put contacts instead of glasses." she said. "but-" I sighed knowing she would make me somehow. "Fine." I put on my contacts without looking in the mirror. I haven't looked in the mirror yet because I am kinda scared I won't recognize myself. I was about to but Nina pulled me out of the room to see who came first.

We walk down the stairs to see Carly opening the door to show the one and only Missy. Yay. Why am I not surprised? She always comes first. I guess she is just trying to be a good friend but still. Can't she be nice to Conner and I. As long as I am near Nina I should be fine from her friends.

She was wearing a rather beautiful dress. It was red dress with a flower design.

"Missy! Hi!" said or should I say shouted Nina.

"Hey Nina. Happy Birthday." said Missy handing Nina her gift. I could guess what it was. It was a very expensive dress and designer shoes to match. Also a necklace with matching earrings and bracelet. That's what she always got Nina. Then would question my gift which I did not bring.

"So where is the gift Mackenzie got you?" asked Missy. "She hasn't given it to me yet. She waits till after the party is over to give it to me. And they are very amazing." says Nina. That made me smile but it disappeared after the next comment. "How can she get you something amazing if it is not even expensive?" asked Missy with a slight attitude that you can only hear if you were looking for it. I heard it.

"Well, it is really the thought that counts. But I also love the gifts you give me. They are the most pretty clothes I have ever seen." said Nina. She has a way with words. If she feels like she is hurting someone's feelings she would add a compliment at the end. It is easily noticeable but I guess not for Missy. "Oh, thanks Nina" Missy said sounding a little confused.

Then the other two that are part of their "posy" come. Both wearing a flowery dress. The theme was a spring ball.

The next to show up was Conner. He was wearing a tux with a blue tie. He looked very nice and formal.

"Oh, hey Conner." I say seeing Conner by the door. He kinda jumped when he saw me. I don't look that different do I. "Wow. You" he manages to say. "uh thanks?" I said slightly confused on whether that was a compliment or not.

Then the most popular guy came through the door. His name Jason. Nina has a huge crush on him. They talk and were friends. They were both popular how would they not be friends. They both want to be more than friends but when they are about to ask someone always has to interrupt. He was also wearing a tux but with a dark pink tie to match Nina's.

"Hey" Jason said. "Happy Birthday"

"Thanks. You look really handsome." said Nina with confidence. She doesn't really get nervous about boys or really anything. She a go with the flow type of girl.

"You look gorgeous. Better than gorgeous. Magnificent." he said. "Thanks Jason" said Nina in reply.

We start to head to the ballroom. It is massive. It has a staircase that heads up to the balcony. The balcony is half inside and half outside with a curtain blocking outside and around the balcony on the inside. She is going to make a grand entrance on the balcony once most people are here.

Conner and I either stay with Nina so Missy won't bother us or we would go out in the balcony, if their was one, and just talk.

A lot more people are starting to come so they start to play the music. It was upbeat. They started to play Here Comes Forever by R5. Nina loves R5. It is her favorite band of all time.

The ballroom is packed full of basically everyone from school. She invited everyone so I am not surprised. It was really nice of her.

Nina was already in the balcony. I didn't know she already went up. I thought she was talking to Missy. I should pay more attention. I have to make sure nothing strange happens today. Let's just say Nina doesn't know what she is capable of.

She is about to come out because the slow song she picked is starting to play, A Thousand Years. The curtains open and she is right there standing beautifully. She walks down where Jason is waiting for her. When she is down, Jason held her hand and started to slow dance with her. Everyone starts to dance. Everyone finds someone except Conner and I. We stand there looking confused and shy,not knowing if we should dance together. I was too shy to say anything and he knew so he held out his hand I reached for it but take it back. "I can't dance" I say. "Me neither" he says while grabbing my hand. We start to dance together and it feels... nice. I stare at my feet but then I feel a hand lift my chin. And I stare at his eyes. I never noticed how beutiful they are. I never felt like this before. Not for anyone. It is really weird.

We both smile at each other when the song was over. "Thanks" I say quietly and shyly. "Well we can't be the outcast of the party. Especially when you look this beutiful." he said. "Thanks" I say apparently the only word I know. It's weird. Whenever I am with Conner I never am at lost of words.

I look over at Nina to see her kissing Jason. Well I guess they are now a couple.

"I guess they are now a couple" Conner said. "I hope so" I replied. Conner and I went to the balcony outside and just started talking about how we don't feel like ourselves in these outfits. But then we both said we both look good. Right now I feel naked without any gadgets. I had none of my gadgets built into anything since I thought I would at least have my glasses. With my glasses I could use it to see for any suspicious behavior and not cause alarm. I couldn't save the day but I could send an alert.

The only thing that was me was my necklace I always wear. It is a locket with pictures of my two families. One side is my parents, Matthew, Cody and me and the other is Nina, Conner and me. That was my family.

The party was over at around 10pm. Everyone left except me. Nina and I always goes "camping" in her backyard after the party is over. We go upstairs and I finally look in a mirror. I looked so... Not myself. It was looking at a completely different person. I change into the pajamas I also packed in my bag with some sneakers. I also take off my contacts and put my glasses and grab Nina's gift.

We are about ready to go. We go to her garage to get the two sleeping bags and tent. We then go to the backyard and we set up the tent. I don't let her do it since I am scared she might accidentally use he very special talent she doesn't know about.

We get inside the tent. She first talks about her and Jason. They are now a couple. I get a bit nervous. It is now or never. How should I say it? Should I just say it or explain it slowly? I decide to just wing it. "Nina, I have something for you. It's your gift." I say giving her the gift. She opens it carefully. "A locket. Thanks." she says. "Open it. It gets better." I say. She opens it to see four pictures. One is me and her when we first met. Another is Conner, me, and her. The third is her foster parents and her. The last one made a single tear fall and a smile go on her face. It was her real parents and her when she was eight. "Thank you Mackenzie. This is the best gift anyone had given me." said Nina while I put the locket around her neck. It looks beautiful on her.

"I also need to tell you something" I said. "what is it?" she asked. " you most likely won't believe me but you-" I was cut off by a gas pellet jumping into the tent. Then last thing I remembered was seeing Nina being taken by a man before blacking out.

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