eight ; who stole the glory

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viii. who stole the glory

━ ❝ they took it all ❞

━ ❝ they took it all ❞

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THERE WERE A few words for mermaids Arabella adored to use to describe the creatures. And by a few words, she means that she could most like write an entire book with all the ones she could come up with. Disgusting, vile, annoying, treacherous, and evil were just to name a few. Her eyes were narrowed in amusement as the group watched the creature flop on the deck, attempting to get back into the water. It didn't get very far considering she was trapped by people. Hook was not pleased. He held onto the ship's wheel, yelling down at them. "Get that thing off my ship!" His hook hand pointed menacingly at the mermaid.

Ivy's voice haunted Arabella in the back of her mind. The mother was screaming at the mystical being they brought into her castle. "Get that thing out of my kingdom!" she screeched. Arabella blinked away the memory. That was right before Ivy told her daughter why mermaids were terrible creatures. They stole their glory. They stole everything that her line of powerful sorceresses was. With them around, the witches were nothing more than women with powers. With that in mind, Arabella argued with Hook. "We have a hostage now. And besides, she deserves it after she and her friends tried to kill us."

David shook his head in disagreement. "I hate to say it, but I'm with Hook." He gestured toward the mermaid. "Those things just tried to kill us."

Arabella looked at him with an annoyed smile. "Isn't that what I just said? We can kill them for trying to kill us." She turned back to the creature. "Or maybe we could get some information."

The way she said those words made Regina smirk in delight. She was on the island to save her son. If it came down to killing and torturing to succeed, then she'd gladly do it in a heartbeat. Besides, she had killed before just like Arabella had once. In fact, the only time she did kill was to save her son from being kidnapped and held for ransom. Apparently, her reputation never let go even after she escaped royalty.

Mary Margaret, who was standing next to her husband, denied to threat. "How? By torturing her?" She gave the seemingly young girl a motherly look to which Arabella returned with a raised eyebrow.

Regain backed the former princess up, grinning at the thought of hurting the mermaid. "I think torturing her would be a fantastic idea." Indeed it was a brilliant plan. Mermaids were liars and deceivers. Their minds were full of wicked thoughts that could end with a simple flick of the wrist. Evidently, they'd be dead but it didn't matter.

The mermaid picked up a seashell next to her and blew into it. It created a humming sound that could possibly be heard from anywhere on the island if you were to listen close enough. None of them knew what this meant. Had this creature damned them?

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