So long live us

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I kept running down the winding streets, looking behind me to check none of the boys or scar were following me.

I found myself stood on a hill nearby were the buses were parked, I could see most of the buses, but I wanted to see our bus.

I climbed up a few stairs and onto the roof of an abandoned car park,

I watched the bus door fly open and jack jump out of it, Alex was with him.

I saw jack pull out his phone, and then mine began to ring, very loudly, I saw there heads flick up to the car park, my legs dangled off the side of it as I hung of the metal bars.

Alex was crying and jack was shaking his head frantically, they knew as well as I did that I was going to jump, and wether I survived or not wasn't important.

My breath was shaky, as I watched the cold, grey water flow beneath me,

I looked back up to see Scarlett, she was running down the roads trying to reach the hill, Alex and jack were on the phone and zach and Rian were shouting things, I thought about everything that'd happened,

Scarlett leaving me, Alex was really busy with tour and I knew that I always had to come with him, I was too scared to stay home, I was a constant burden to everyone I know.

Just as I was going to let go, someone's hand gripped mine and pulled me up,

"Jay" I cried against his shirt.

"I saw you and I saw scar running up here, but she saw austin and ran towards him, I needed to save you" he said breathlessly,

I thought about that, Scarlett running towards austin, and how i'd been on the verge of suicide and I still came second,

"Latte" he asked,

I nodded, wiping the tears from my eyes.

We walked down the road and I was met with the boys,

Alex pulled me into a huge hug, and jack hugged me too,

"Please don't do that again"

I felt tears on my shirt, thinking they were Alex's but they were jacks,

"Iris, please don't" he said trying to hide his tears,

"I won't, just, can I go and sit with jay for a bit, I'll be back soon" I asked,

Alex nodded, he smiled slightly and nodded at jay.

We both walked down to the coffee shop, jay unlocked the door and we both ran in, it was starting to rain,

"So how come you can go in here all the time?" I asked as he walked behind the counter,

"My dad owns it, I live upstairs" he smiled, he handed me my latte and we went to sit on the booths, it was almost dark and we ended up watching old films on a projector in the store cupboard.

we found some of jays baby diaries and decided to watch some,

"Weren't you a cutie, what happened" I said pinching his cheek

"I hate you" he said messing my hair up,

"Wanna go upstairs and play some music?" he said grabbing my hand.

We both went up the stairs, and into what seemed to be a lounge of some sort,

There were several shelves of CDs,

"All time low, panic!, fob, and pierce the veil?" I shouted seeing a few of them,

"Your my new bestfriend" I squealed.

"Remember I told you I liked my bestfriend?" he spoke up,

"We, well he, well were together" he stuttered with a huge smile,

"That's great" I smiled, diving backwards onto the couch,

"Me and Scarlett went out for a day, she broke up with me through a note this morning, thats why I was.." I smiled awkwardly, feeling upset from the memory,

"She's a bitch" he said annoyed,

"Come on, you need to get back to the bus" he laughed grabbing his jacket.

We walked back up the main road, connecting the bus park to the town,

"Thankyou" I smiled,

"It's okay, I'll text you later, I gotta get back" he smiled hugging me,

"Bye" I shouted as he ran down the road,

The rain was getting worse as I opened the bus door,

I walked into the lounge and sat next to jack, Scarlett was sat on the opposite side of him, I couldn't avoid her forever, not even if I wanted too, I still love her too much.

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