Chapter 2

I stood against the wall and smoothed the skirt of my new pink dress for the millionth time. I usually felt my best in pink, but for some reason it wasn't helping at all since Justin is just sitting on his bed while staring at me. I wish I never felt so nervous around guys. 

" long have you been here?", I asked, trying to make a conversation.

He smiled, "A week...a week of boredom".

I laughed, "That sucks, for what reason?".

He tensed a bit...

~Justin's Flashback~

"Hurry up, you'll be late for training", my mum called from the room opposite to mine.

I scanned through all of my gear that I needed to take with me, "Lets shield...".

"JUSTIN!", my mum yelled.

I eye rolled, "I'M COMING! JESUS WOMAN, CHILL!".

I grabbed my bag and power walked my way into the living room where my mum was. She looked as if she was searching for something. 

"Honey have you seen my purse?", she asked as she scanned through the living room.

I smirked, "So you yell at me for not being ready and here you are not even fully ready?", I placed my hand on my heart, "Mother, I am offended".

She scolded, "Don't be cheeky, Justin. Just help me find my God damn purse so we can leave".

I smirked and searched for my mum's purse. So let me tell you all about myself....

I'm Justin Dallas, 'm 17-years-old and i'm an only child. I play rugby, it's my passion. I get my love for rugby on my dad's side. I love making him proud, seeing how happy he is when he watches me out in the field is one of the best things ever. Have I a girlfriend? Yes I do, her name is Danielle and I love her with all my heart. She's got blonde hair and big brown eyes that I always get lost in. She my everything and i'm proud to say that she's all mine. 

"Found it", my mother announced happily.

I laughed, "Great! Now can we go...?".

She eye rolled, "We can go".


"2...4...6...8...WHO DO WE APPRECIATE", the cheerleaders were practicing their cheers for our game that we have next week.

I couldn't help but steal a few glances towards Danielle. She looked so perfect standing high up in that pyramid wth the rest of the cheerleaders but they didn't stand out as much as she did. That's when she caught me looking at her and gave me one of her winning smiles. I gave her a smile back and continued running with my teammates.

"Ok guys, it's time to practice your defences!", my coach announced after we finished our warm ups.

"Justin, take the ball. Randy, Peter, Sebastian and Anthony you guys try stop him. Alright lets do this", my coach blew his whistle and we were ready to do this.

I ran with the ball as fast as I could. I dodged, shoved, and let me tell you I was on fire...but for not much longer. 

"WE'RE NUMBER ONE! NOT NUMBER TWO", I heard the cheerleaders chant.

I smirked to myself thinking about Danielle. I never thought I would ever get a girl like her. Her hair...her eyes...her eerything. That is how I lost total concentration and that is when the accident happened...

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