Please, God, No.

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*Contains mentions of self inflicted pain and abuse*

-Caution!!: Really long-ass chapter! Read at your own will-

(Seriously!!! It's over 4000 bloody words!!)

{Frank's POV}

Fucking Thursday.

How was it only fucking Thursday?

This week was slowly killing me.

Why was it taking so long?

Well, the evenings passed by in no time.

Which was really fucking annoying since that was the only time of the day I actually looked forward to.

That was the time of day I got to see Gerard.

The rest of the day dragged on really slowly.

After that Monday, I had decided that I had better go to school.

The main reason being so I could avoid my Mom and her dick of a new boyfriend.

He was really getting on my nerves.

Luckily, I hadn't seen much of them this week.

They were never up when I left for school and when I got back in the evenings they were usually out.

Suited me.

As far as I was concerned, I would have preferred it if they hadn't come back yet.

But sadly, they had.

They couldn't have chosen a worst time really.

I needed to be there for Gerard and my Mom and Tony were kind of fucking that up for me.




I opened one of my eyes and peeked out from under my covers.

"Frank Anthony Iero!"

I groaned.

What did she want now?

"Frank fucking Iero! I won't call you again! Get your ass down here this minute!"

Good morning to you too, Mom.

I cursed under my breath as I slid out of my warm bed.

Fuck, it was cold.

That would probably be because I was only wearing bottoms.

Oh well.

What was the point of putting a top on if I was going to get dressed anyway?

I pulled on my hoodie anyway just to see what my Mom wanted.

I looked over to the clock on my bedside table.

It was half fucking six!

What the fuck was she playing at?!

I didn't have to be up for at least a half hour.

There was a loud knock on my door and it swung open.

Tony was in the doorway.

"What the fuck is your problem?" He sneered, "Your Mom has been calling you."

I rolled my eyes and smiled at him, "I was just going down now."

"Sure you were," He grinned, showing his teeth as usual.

He leant across the doorframe and looked me up and down.

He snorted before walking into my room.

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