Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

*Niall’s POV*

 “Niall, face it! Man up!  She’s dead!” Liam yelled. I punched him right across the face.

“I got it! Now leave me alone!” I yelled. I shoved him out of the room.  I looked back at Scarlett.  Her heart was still.  Her clothes looked the same from when I saw her in the vision.  Her jeans and hands were covered in blood.  It was awful to see her like this.  On her wrist was the bracelet I gave her.  Her brown hair made a halo around her head.  On her shirt was a little note.  I grabbed it, and read it.

            Dear Niall,

You have been the only love of my life.  Jake was never real love.  Every day I think of you.  Now I have to tell you exactly what happened to me.  The moment you left, I got up and cleaned up the hospital room.  Then I went into my room and sulked.  I sat on the couch that faced the outside window for 2 days.  Every time there was a movement in the garden I hoped it was you.  Around midday the next day, a note was slipped under my door. It said to meet you in forest in five minutes.  I immediately jumped to conclusions and ran out to meet you.  I later realized it wasn’t your handwriting on the note.  When I got to the forest I waited.  Someone grabbed me and drugged me.  I was taken to the place I am at now. I have no idea where I physically am though.  The person who took me is named Mathew.  Apparently you have some sort of history.  He has drunk my blood.  He has done it many times.  He is using me as a pawn to get to you.  One day while he was drinking my blood, I saw something.  I saw you in San Francisco.  I could hear your thoughts too.  It was weird, but I think it has to do with a bond we have.  Mathew made me write the other letter to you. He said he would kill you if I didn’t. He also said he would heal me if I did.  But he couldn’t heal me.  All his powers would bounce off me.  This is another thing I think might have to do with the bond.  Anyways, I think I have bronchitis. That’s what Mathew said anyways.  I am constantly coughing up blood, and since Mathew can’t heal me, I am going to die.  Before I die, I want to tell you some stuff.  I love you so much.  Every time I see you, my heart flutters.  When I first saw you, I was amazed. My mind blanked and all I felt was love for you.  It is impossible for me to go any second without thinking about you.  I know I am going to die soon.  It’s ok though. I will always be with you.  I love you more than words can explain Niall. Just know I will always be in your heart.



It hit me, crushed me.  She was dead.  I fell to the floor in a thump.  Her sweet laugh that rung out, was gone.  The way her nose and eyes crinkled when she smiled or laughed, was gone.  The way she blushed when I took her hand in mine was gone.  The way that her hair smelled of coconut, whether it was clean or not, was gone.  The way her soft lips felt like heaven on mine was gone.  The way her body molded into mine was gone.  Her raspy, sweet voice was gone.  She was gone, and I couldn’t handle it. 

Tears started to fly down my face, and my body started to shake. Soon loud sobs crept up my throat, and croaked out of me.  Soon, the sobs turned inaudible and they shook my body. Emotions flew over my body.  Anger, sadness, and love flew through my mind. I couldn’t think at all. She was gone.  Everything in my life just shattered into pieces. The deed was done, and it was over.  I gathered myself as best as I could, and went to go ask Liam a question.

“Liam who did this?” I asked. I assumed it was just Mathew seeking revenge, but oh how wrong I was.

*Louis’ POV*

I walked slowly out of Liam’s lab. I saw Niall, and he clearly torn. His blue eyes that usually gleamed a carefree and happy look were only showing desperation and depression. I couldn’t help but feel responsible for it. Liam nodded towards me.


“What Lou?”

“Um, you see, um I kindadidit,” I mumbled.


“Niall I did it. I’m a murderer!” I shouted. His emotions switched from confused, to sad to furious. He pounced at me, and started attacking me.  He threw punch after punch.

“Niall stop!” I could hear Liam screaming from behind me, but it was no use. I took it like a man, and let him beat me up. Red dots were lining my vision, and then Niall got up. 

“Huh?” I said.

“I’m honestly pissed at you Lou, but I’m not going to kill you. I’m upset and disappointed. But there’s nothing I can do.” he said. Then he left. It was weird. I didn’t expect this to happen at all.

*Niall’s POV*

I walked up to Zayn’s palace as quick as I could. He usually had good advice for girls.

“Why don’t we go clubbing?” he suggested. I grimaced at the thought of drinking, but I realized it would help me get my mind off her.

“Yeah sure.” I said.


We walked into the club, and I realized that he was thinking about a strip club. I looked over at Zayn and he was smirking. I rolled my eyes. This was going to be the worst night of my life.

When we got inside, I made a beeline to the bar. I didn’t need to see any girls on poles tonight.

“What can I get you?” someone asked from behind the bar. I looked up and saw a girl tending the bar. She didn’t look like any of the girls on stage, so I decided to talk to her.

“I’ll get a scotch on the rocks,” I responded. She nodded.

“What brings you to the bar?” she asked. 

“My friend decided I was in need of a good drink and strip.”

“Yeah me too. My best friend is the stripper on the pole. The job is hard, but we make tons.” she said.

“You know you are really down to earth for a girl in a strip club,” I told her. She nodded. As soon as the drink found its way to my hand, Zayn pulled me into a room.

“We are getting strips and sex if we want!” he told me, all hyped up. I just nodded, as he left to the other private room. 

I sat down in the chair that was in the middle of the room, and put my drink on the small table. Suddenly my arms were cuffed to the chair, and so were my legs. 

A small girl who was dressing in a slutty dress came in.

“I’m not your stripper, but I was sent in here to give you some drinks.  She had a bottle of alcohol in her hand. “Drink up,” she commanded. I did come here to drink, and I let her feed me the drink.  The alcohol burned my throat but gave me a buzz. By the time the bottle was finished, I was drunk for sure. Now I was ready for the stripper. 

The girl with the drink left the room, and another entered. She was wearing a navy skirt and a tee shirt with a police badge. She had a belt on that had a whip, handcuffs, and a little bottle in it. Her shoes were at least 5 inches tall. Something in the back of my mind was nagging me to stop, but I didn’t care. 

“I heard you’ve been a bad boy,” the stripper murmered in a sexy voice. “So I have to help you!” she said. “But you are going to have to help me first. I can’t get my top off, so I need your help,” she said sadly. She got on my lap, and brought her shirt forward. I could see her bust which was huge. She brought it closer and closer to my face, and I finally took my teeth and ripped her shirt open.

When she finally got stripped to her outfit, she got off me. I frowned.

“Now I have to help you get stripped,” she whispered in my ear. I was excited once again. She got down on her knees, and made her way to the leg cuffs. She rubbed her bust against each cuff, and they unlocked. Then she got on top of me, and grinded on me. I was hardening under her touch. She unbuttoned my pants and I let out a moan. Tonight was going to be a good night.

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