Chapter 5

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The Mystery Girl's P.O.V~

I woke up outside by a bus.. What?..

Oh yeah that party in PTV's bus was awsome! Best Night Ever!!

I stood up and dusted myself off and felt sticky stuff all over my legs

"What the hell is this"

I thought aloud

Oh yeah I forgot I fucked Mike yesterday c; let me just remind him of that


From:Me :p

Hey Mike last night you were great c;

Think you up for it again (;

Okayy wait... My legs are sticky ahhh did he use a condom... If I'm pregnant my boyfriend is going to kill me!!


From:Me :p

Hey again :/ did you use a condom?..

Damn it!! This usually doesn't happen.. Well it almost happened with Matt Nicholls but I had the morning pill so I was fine.

I don't think I'm ready to be a mom..

Well maybe it's not Mike's..

It could be anyone really

God why is life catching up to me!!

Mike's P.O.V~

I've been stressed just thinking about the whole pregnant slut situation.

Well I gotta put all my thoughts aside before Ariana & Maria come.


Jaime yelled and threw himself in his bunk

"Well don't you wanna see your boo thang?" Vic giggled out from the couch


He got out of his bunk and landed on his knees infront of Vic

"Help me look good for her please!"

He practically begged

"Alright," Vic said with a smirk

"Let me put my skills to work,

Hime get up and go to the back room I'm gunna go get you some stuff"

And with that Jaime got up and left and Vic went to search through his bunk for some clothes

That reminds me.. I gotta look good for Ariana

Hmmmm let's see what I got

Ariana's Pov~

"MARIA!! GET YOUR MIDGET ASS IN HERE!!" I screamed from my room

"Gosh! What do you want!!"

Maria said in a Napoleon Dynamite voice

"hehe idiot.. Dude help me pick something out! I wanna look nice for Mike" I said with a blush creeping up on my cheeks

"Aww you really like him..

Okeyy when I'm done with you, your gunna be ready to fuck shit up!!!"

She said with a smirk

"Wait, I wanna look good for Jaime.. Ok umm let's like makeover eachother.?"

She said looking down quietly

"YASSSSSSSSS BITCH! We're gunna do eachother !...

Wait it sounds wrong

Ermm Uhh

YAY were making eachother look good!"

I yelled awkwardly


You my friend are a funny idiot"

She said

And with that we went our seperate ways and to eachothers closets

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