Chapter Two

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Chapter 2

Without another word said he grabbed my wrist, like I was a stupid toddler throwing a tantrum over sweets, and lead me over to the TARDIS.

As we neared the TARDIS my friends, bless them, all tried to get the Doctor to let me go but its a lot harder than it sounds to force a Time Lord's grip to loosen. Me being the person who I am and not wanting any attention drawn to us, I gave them a look that said more or less leave-it-or-else. They were hesitant at first but then nodded in agreement and followed us towards the TARDIS.

    I've always imagined walking into the TARDIS but nothing could have prepared me for what lay in store. Once we were about a few feet away from the 1950s Telephone box, the Doctor let go of my wrist. Seizing the moment to rub my wrist for the continuation of blood flow in my body, I didn't realize that the Doctor had opened the navy blue doors. Well, until I felt a rush of warm air blast in my face. Looking up I could see the entrance to the old box just as it looks on the British Drama Series.

    Letting out a series of gasps, I ran around the 50s themed time box not because it was bigger on the inside but because it was The TARDIS. Seeing my friends shake their shock and run into the TARDIS I quickly gathered myself whilst following them. From the corner of my eyes I could see a huge grin creeping onto the Doctor's lips as he saw our reactions. Well he was in for a surprise.

     Once we were inside he spread his arms out in a dramatic way whilst saying, "This is the TARDIS!" inside it was even better! Occupying the middle of the room was the familiar tower of green and around it was the console with countless knobs, buttons and levers placed randomly all over. "Its..." I was cut off by the Doctor saying in a monotone voice, "Yeah yeah its bigger on the inside." Just then I had the best idea to make him confused. I looked around, a bored expression on my face. "Actually..." I paused to see a confused look cross everyone's faces so I continued, "... I was going to say its smaller on the outside. Not quite impressive if you think about it." I fake yawned to add to the drama. The Doctor was even more confused and replied, " Never heard that one before. Normal people would be speechless at the fact that something can be bigger on the inside." I started laughing at the Doctor's confused expression and saw his eyes widen.

          I stopped laughing, " Number 1 Its smaller on the outside... Number 2 Newsflash I'm not normal!"  I said rather matter-of-factly. Just then I heard a loud VHROOM VHROOM sound as the Doctor pouted. I laughed hysterically and felt like my sides were going to explode. All around everyone was either laughing (my friends) or trying to stifle their laughter (Rose). There it was again. VHROOM VHROOM. "Really girl?" the Doctor suddenly blurted out. The control room was suddenly quiet and all eyes were on the mad man stroking the main console.

     After a few more confused look were shared between the rest of us, the doctor announced, " Okay the TARDIS wants Alicia to sing." WHAT?! He quickly added, " I know I'm a bit taken a back but its what she wants so..." he trailed off looking at me. Soon mad man was at the top of the staircase leading to a vast corridor. He beckoned us to follow him and soon we were in a recording studio. Really?! He pushed some random buttons and pulled some levers.

    "Okay so Alicia you need to sing into the microphone and the TARDIS will take care of the rest." I nodded still in shock that the TARDIS had a recording studio. Walking up to the mike in the first booth I thought I heard voices coming from down the corridor. I shook my head and started singing 'Last Night' by The Vamps. Soon the Doctor was bringing in an electric guitar and passed it to me whilst saying, " You need to start again and play this too." I sighed and started tuning the guitar. It was a beautiful deep red colour with The Vamps written on it. I smiled and looked to see the Doctor walk out of the room.

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