Hana POV*

I was on my way to the living room to get my suitcase. I scanned through the living room to see where it is. I walked toward it and lazily grab the suitcase and drag it to my room.

I can see that Sulli is sitting there on her bed looking through her phone.

Zelo POV*

I walked into the living room to get my suitcase as soon as I walk in I could see it in the corner by itself, so I grab it and took it to my room.

Kai is there staring at himself in the mirror and commented on how good-looking he is. Aishh jinja this guy I thought.

I open the suitcase to unpack my stuff. BOOM! the first thing I could see is a pink teddy bear. I swear I have never seen this in my entire life! I mumbled to myself.

What the hell Zelo? You carry a teddy bear with you?. What a jerk! Kai shouted while rolling on the floor trying to hold in his laughter.

Shut up Kai!!!! these are not mine i yelled at him. I search throgh the suitcase to see if all of my stuffs are still there but NO NO NO there are only girly stuffs, especially a BRA! o_o eXCuse me?? a bra???. No this is definatly not mine.

Zelo? what the heck is that? He looked at me to see what im doing. Well i was holding a bra at that time O_O.........

Zelo are those yours? Kai is there laughing again like there is no tomorrow. Hell No Kai!!!1 i shouted at him. How could  you say that? Omg! this is a nightmare i mumbled to myself.

Hana POV*

I opened y suitcase to unpack or of my clothes. MY eyes open wide as soon as  i opened i could see a magazines that contain a very disturbing pictures and a ............... PORN CDs!!!!!!! I gulp down my throat.

EEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! what is this? This is not mine!!! I screamed really loud that make Sulli jump out of her bed.

No one POV*

bOTH of Zelo and Hana rush out of their room.

Who the hell is this? both of them shouted in unison. Both of them look at each other and down to the suitcase. The suitcase look exactly the same. No one could ever tell the different. Both of them quickly exchange the suitcase and rush back into their room.

Hana blush red, could this get anymore worst, Hana thought.


Chapter 4- Opps T.T

Hana POV

I woke up from the alarm that has been ringing in my head for what felt like hours, when i finally switched it off I got up and woke Sulli up, who was a heavy sleeper.

I got ready and headed out of our room to the bathroom when suddenly I bumped into Zelo making both of us jerk backwards, I glared at him and realised he had nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

Zelo POV

When I finished my shower I was ready to get changed and go school so i decided to head to my room when suddenly Hana bumped into me, making me jerk backwards.

"Yah!! Watch where your going!" I said with a annoyed tone. Oh forgot there are girls living wth us now, how annoying i thought.

"So.. sorry" she replied looking towards the ground with her face bright red.

"Heh, are you blushing over my six packs?" I said pointing to my handsome face.

She didn't reply which annoyed me even more so I took a step closer to her making her jerk backwords.

Hana POV

When I realised that Zelo had nothing but a towel on, I didn't dare to look up at him when he was speaking since my trauma acted up making me blush. "Heh, are you blushing over my six packs?" he confidantly said pointing towards his face. I didn't reply since I was still blushing. When suddenly I felt him coming closer to me which shocked me, making me go backwards until I hit the wall as zelo was walking towards me his towel suddenly fell revealing his area and making me blush and I quickly covered my eyes and screamed and in a split second my nosebleed flushed down my nose, he looked at me confused since he didn't notice what had happened until he looks down and finds out he is completely naked, he screams and grabs the towel from the floor and runs to his room, I stand their still covering my eye and I peak through the corner of my eyes to see if he is gone and then I quickly went into the bathroom.

*********************************************IN SCHOOL********************************************

Hana POV

Finally I arrive at school trying to keep Zelo naked body out of my mind..... I arrived at the hall for our morning ceremony. The school was full of idols and pretty faces with amazing talents. There were famous idols groups such as TeenTop, Exo and B.A.P, who had girls drooling over them as they walk past and take their seats.

Then my eyes caught the attention of the pervert who was entering the hall with smirk on his face when his gaze turned to me.

No one's POV

"Good morning" the principle said with a heartwarming smile.

"Well I know that for some of our pupils it is their first day at this school and I just wish you all the best and hope that you will all feel welcomed and comfortable" he said.

Could you please read what i wrote below it will really help you:

they are in the class and the teacher tells them to place their bags at the back of the room since they dont have lockers yet.

at the end of the lesson when they went to get their bags, hana and zelo accidently pick up the wrong bag since everyones bag looked alike.

She find a magazine in his bag. bap members see her reading it and tease her.

he find hana's diary and found out hana has a truma for guys and always gets close to her if she doesnt listen to him to tease her.

what it says in her dairy:

she gets a nose bleed if she see boys skin ~(idont know something like that)- I already included in the part with zelo getting out of the bathroom that she nosebleeded when she sees him

she cant talk to guys easily

she blushes even on the tinest things.

Heyyyyy readers hope you guys like this book. My friends and me wrote this together. Thank you for reading,............. i love you alllll!!!!!!!!!1 PLease read my other book too xoxo

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