they meet.

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nia is in her room studying ✏and then her best friend Monique comes in...

monique: girl what are you doing

nia: studying for finals tommorow

monique: girl this is college, you should be out partying.

nia: not when I have this test tommorow.

monique: girl come on, there's this new club called orange club that just opened we should go.

nia: I'm good

monique: come on please.

nia: I don't have anything to wear.

monique: that's what you have me for.

(goes into her closet and pulls out a red dress and some black heels)

nia: I'm not wearing that I'm going to look like a slut.

Monique: no you're not now put this on

nia: fine

Monique: thank you.

nia goes in to the bathroom, gets into the shower and puts on her red dress and heels and straightens her hair and she walks out

nia: all done

monique: you're ass looks fabulous in that dress.

nia laughs

Nia: thank you

Monique: I'm already dressed so you ready to go?

nia: I guess

monique: come on

The club

Monique: it is too turn up in here!

nia: I wish I was home

Monique: girl come on live alittle at 9:00 I'll be back

nia: (sighs) I guess I'll be over here (walks over to the bar)

??: um hello ms.

nia turns around

nia: hello

??: I couldn't help but come over here you're just so beautiful...I'm Ricky (smiles)

nia: you don't have to lie... and im nia

Ricky: I'm telling the truth....I really do think you're know what come on

nia: I don't know you like that And plus I'm here with my friend (points to Monique)

Ricky: looks like she's over there with my homeboy me she'll be fine

nia: if you try any I'm cutting you

Ricky: I'm not

nia: okay, come on

(In his car)

Ricky opens her door

Ricky: there you go

nia: thank you

(Ricky drives to his house)

nia: why are we here?

Ricky: I just wanna chill

nia: what kinda chill you talking about because I'm not like that.

Ricky: not that kinda chill baby

nia: okay

Ricky goes to her side and opens the door

Ricky: there you go my lady

nia: thank you (smiles)

(they walk into Ricky's house)

nia: (amazed)

Ricky: you like?

nia: yes, its so beautiful

Ricky: come on lets go on the balcony

nia: okay

• on the balcony •

Ricky: so tell me about yourself

nia: well, I'm 19, a sophomore in college, my name is Shania but I prefer nia , my favorite color is pink, my favorite food is chicken, my favorite movie is precious and I'm mixed with black , euporean and native American

Ricky: what are you majoring in?

nia: music and journalism

Ricky: hmmmm... nice (smiles)

nia: thanks

Ricky: you're welcome beautiful .

nia: stop saying that

Ricky: why? its true

nia: no its not

Ricky: yes it is you are beautiful... matter of fact the most beautiful women I ever seen (smiles)

nia: thank you, no guy has ever told me that before

Ricky: well you are (winks)

nia blushes

Ricky: you wanna stay the night

nia: sorry I have a test tommorow

Ricky: come on, I promise I'll bring you back by time you have class.

nia: okay, but I'm sleeping on the couch

Ricky: no, you can have my room I'll take the couch.

nia: okay (smiles)

Ricky: goodnight

nia: goodnight ♥

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